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JISC-funded project bringing together four searchable databases of Anglo-Saxon sources.
ASChart and eSawyer: Anglo-Saxon charters (6th-11th centuries)
Langscape: Anglo-Saxon estate boundaries and related data 8th-18th centuries.
PASE: Records of inhabitants of England (6th-11th centuries)
(6th to 18th centuries; manuscripts & transcriptions)
Books, laws, treaties.
(600-1799; Russian transcriptions)
Database of manuscripts. Search or browse here.
(1450-1720; manuscripts)
Historical documentation displayed by various themes and date ranges.
(1485 - 1714; facsimiles, transcriptions and images).

Historical documentation displayed by various themes and date ranges.
(19th century; facsimiles, transcriptions and images).

Historical documentation displayed by various themes and date ranges.
(20th century; facsimiles, transcriptions and images).
Accounts of the toll which the king of Denmark levied on shipping through the Sound between Sweden and Denmark.
Important sources for research on economic and maritime trade history in Northern Europe.
(1497-1857; searchable datasets - registration may be required to view results)
A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(16th - 18th centuries; transcriptions)
From Bodleian Library at University of Oxford.
Database of over 30,000 ballads. Browse or search here.
Also includes sound files.
(16th to 20th century; images, lyrics, and sound files)
Includes extensive official and private records of Parliament, and the urban history of London, Glasgow, Cardiff and other major cities.
From British History Online
(17th century, transcriptions)
Includes records of proceedings in Parliament, higher clergy, office holders in central government and the Survey of London.
From British History Online
(18th century, transcriptions)
Includes Ordnance Survey maps, records of higher clergy, and the Survey of London and other sources relating to civic government and urbanisation.
From British History Online
(19th century, transcriptions)
Digital collection of information about Britain's localities as they have changed over time.
Information comes from census reports, historical gazetteers, travellers' tales and historic maps.
(19th - 20th centuries; maps, reports, transcriptions)
Searchable database of prints and illustrations from early modern Britain.
(1540-1700; image facsimiles, descriptions and commentaries)
120.000 portraits of famous British men and women from the 16th Century to the present day.
Explore the collection in a variety of ways.
(16th century - present; image facsimiles)
A collection documenting Sir Isaac Newton's writings and ideas, consisting primarily of letters to and from 17th and 18th century scientists.
(17th - 18th centuries; facsimiles)
Searchable database of principal records of clerical careers from over 50 archives in England and Wales.
Collected works of the important theologian.
(1697-1771; English)
This preacher was instrumental in spreading the Great Awakening in the British Empire.
(1714-1770; English)
Important preacher and associate of George Whitefield.
(1703-1791; English)
A part of the University of Missouri Library's Digital Library.
(17th-19th centuries; full-text searchable database of facsimiles)
An online exhibit of the Parliamentary Archives including primary documents and other records.
(1600-1807; facsimile images, commentary and instructional modules)
Primary documentation on individual social histories of the less-than-famous and even the infamous.
A unified database of 240,000 manuscripts from eight archives and fifteen datasets.
(1690-1800; searchable database for manuscript facsimiles and transcriptions)
Fully searchable transcripts of over 100,000 criminal trials
held in London's central criminal court.
A joint project of the University of Sheffield and the University of Hertfordshire.
(1674-1834, facsimiles & transcriptions with background essays)
Over 100 documents on the history of Jacobitism and the Jacobite kings.
Digitized by Noel S. McFerran as a part of The Jacobite Heritage.
(1680-1861; transcriptions with modernised spelling)
Digitized key books and maps relating to specimens held in the Geological Collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
The collection can be searched by title, subject or name.
(17th - 19th centuries; book and manuscript facsimiles)
Act extending freedom of worship to most Protestants.
(1689; English)
Most important writings of English philosopher John Locke.
(1689; English)
Important document on religious toleration.
(1689; English)
Work of John Locke.
(1695; English)
(1689; transcription)
Treatise by Algernon Sydney.
(1689; English)
Journal of the founder of the Quakers.
(January 13, 1691; English)
(31 December 1701; transcription).
A collection of documents and maps
A collection of contemporary documents and lists.
(1546-1817; transcriptions).
From the journals of British Admiral Sir George Rooke, recounting battles against the French and Spanish horses.
(17 - 23 October, 1702; transcriptions)
Digitized by David Stewart of Hillsdale College.
(9 April 1689; Russian translation)
Posthumously published work of Sir Matthew Hale.
(1713; English)
  • The works of the late Right Honourable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke
Collected writings of important Tory leader.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8

(1809; English)

National anthem of the United Kingdom. One of the oldest in the world.
(1745; English)
Historically important early dictionary of the English language by Samuel Johnson.
(April 15, 1755; English)
Caricatures of French stereotypes by the English, and vice versa.
(1720-1815; facsimiles)
Collection of 1400 prints from Britsh and European publications from the period of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.
Browse by title, subject, or name.
(1789-1815; facsimile images)
Government and company documents regarding English and French interests.
(18th - 19th centuries; searchable facsimiles).
Searchable full-text database of the Masson Papers, digitised by McGill University.
(1790 - 1820; searchable facsimiles with added transcriptions).
Constitutional documents, treaties, and other primary sources regarding English and French interests in Canada.
(1760 to the present; transcriptions).
(October 1750; transcription).
(17th-18th centuries; transcriptions)
(1765-1783; transcriptions)
A collection of numerous treaties and documents from the Avalon Project.
(1782-1863; English transcriptions).
Regarding the American acquisitions
(22 March 1775; transcription)
King George III's reaction to the American colonists.
(English transcription; 23 August 1775)
With first-person accounts and commentary.
An Introduction to the Political State of Great Britain (1756)
The False Alarm (1770);
Thoughts on the Late Transactions Respecting Falkland's Islands (1771);
The Patriot (1774), and Taxation No Tyranny (1775)
From Frank Lynch's Samuel Johnson website.
A searchable journal featured in the Internet Library of Early Journals (ILEJ).
(1731-1750; facsimiles)
A searchable journal featured in the Internet Library of Early Journals (ILEJ).
(1758-1778; facsimiles)
Online tour of London as it appeared around the 1753, the year the British Museum was founded there.
(1753; images)
Influential legal treatise by Sir William Blackstone.
(1765-1769; English)
Collection of political caricatures by British artist James Gillray.
From Collections at Princeton University Digital Library.
(1756-1815; English facsimiles)
Speech by William Wilberforce, a famous abolitionist in parliament.
(May 12, 1789; English)
Sermon by Reverend William Huntington.
(1791; English)
With accounts of eyewitnesses and participants, plus commentary.
(1792; Transcription)
Treatise by political philosopher William Goodwin.
(1793; English)
Collected works of the English political philosopher.
(1783-1834; English)
Treaty ending war between Britain and Sweden.
(August 17, 1812; English)
Treaty ending war between Britain and Russia.
(August 17, 1812; English)
Includes poor laws, various acts and amendments, lists, maps, and more.
(1601-1900; facsimiles and transcriptions)
Collection recording over 200 years of organising and campaigning by ordinary men and women.
Browse the collection.
(18th - 20th centuries; facsimiles, images and descriptions]
Digitized from the collections of the Library of Congress.
Collection includes photographs, political cartoons, and posters.
(Searchable database of facsimiles and images)
200,000 pages of census and registration material for the British Isles with a wealth of textual and statistical material.
(1801-1937; searchable data files, essays and analysis)
Facsimiles of Monthly Repository (1806-1837) and Unitarian Chronicle (1832-1833), Northern Star (1838-1852), Leader (1850-1860), English Woman’s Journal (1858-1864), Tomahawk (1867-1870). and Publishers’ Circular (1880-1890).
Ability to search and browse.
(1806-1890; English facsimiles)
From Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
(1790; English transcription)
An Investigation of the Cause by Thomas Robert Malthus
(1800; English transcription).
Observations on the effects of the Corn Laws.
(1814; English transcription).
(1814; English transcription).
Inquiry into the nature and progress of rent
(1815; English transcription).
Excerpts from this important peace treaty between Great Britain and Sweden on one side and Denmark and Norway on the other.
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
(1814; Swedish)
Treaty concluding the war of 1812 between Britain and the United States.
(December 24, 1814; English)
Between the Territories of The United States and of His Britannick Majesty.
(1815; English transcription).
between the United States and Britain.
(1815; English transcription).
An impressive local history collection, comprising church, state, estate and personal records.
(1375 - 1854; transcriptions)
Britannia Internet Magazine collection of significant charters, histories, chronicles, accounts, laws and summonses.
(English transcriptions)
Local and trade directories valuable for local and family history.
Searchable by location, by decade, or by keyword.
(1750 - 1919; facsimiles)
Subject index and abstracts of British official publications, some available in full-text format.
(1688 to the present; English transcriptions)
Over 20,000 images of objects, books, letters, aerial photographs and other items from museums, libraries and record offices in Wales.
(Medieval to 20th century; facsimiles and photographs)
A documentation project of Powys County, Wales
(Medieval to present; facsimiles, Latin and Welsh transcriptions and English transcriptions and translations)
Huge and exemplary website combining a searchable database of wills and testaments
with full transcripts of the originals and some sample facsimiles.
Includes auxiliary helps such as guides to handwriting and to Scottish occupations.
(1500-1901; facsimiles and transcripts)
Searchable database containing the proceedings of the Scottish parliament from the first surviving act of 1235 to the union of 1707.
(1235-1707; manuscripts and translations)
A project of the Edinburgh University Library
(1550-1740; facsimiles).
A project of the National Library of Scotland
(1560-1928; facsimiles).
A major online Geographic Information System for Great Britain
Combining historical atlases and gazeteers with a database of demographic and socio-economic statistics.
Directed by Humphrey Southall of the University of Portsmouth.
(Facsimiles and transcriptions).
Picture archive containing nearly 18,000 digitised images of medieval stained glass in Great Britain.
(12th - 20th centuries; images and descriptions)

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