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Maps and images of transformations as seen through cultural artifacts.
(Includes data on former Roman provinces now found in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia)
Geographic and thematic approaches available in nine languages.
(Antiquity through 212 AD; maps and facsimile images)

Photographs from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.
(Mostly antiquity; photo facsimiles)

Wooden tablets recording life in Roman Britain at an outpost in Northern England.
(1st - 2nd Centuries; facsimiles with transcriptions and commentary)

Record of the spread of Christianity in Britain including Northumbria.
(597; English)

Database and datasets as sources to information on recorded inhabitants of Anglo-Saxon England.
(597 - 1066; facsimiles and descriptions of chronicles, saints’ Lives, charters, libri vitae, inscriptions, Domesday Book and coins)

Books, laws, treaties.
(600-1799; Russian transcriptions)

This has been called "...the book that made Britain." (The Sunday Times, May 11, 2003)
A selection of pages by the British Library.
(715-720; facsimiles & commentary)

Guide to facsimile.
(832-900; Old English facsimiles)

by Asser, Bishop of Sherborne.
(888; modern English translation)

JISC-funded project bringing together four searchable databases of Anglo-Saxon sources.
ASChart and eSawyer: Anglo-Saxon charters (6th-11th centuries)
Langscape: Anglo-Saxon estate boundaries and related data (8th-18th centuries)
PASE: Records of inhabitants of England (6th-11th centuries)
(6th to 18th centuries; manuscripts & transcriptions)

(Modern English translation)
(1-1154; Old English transcriptions)

Click on "Manuscripts."
(Facsimiles & transcripts)

(Late 6th to late 11th century; English interface)

This mourning poem "is by far the earliest work written about the Normans from the Norman point of view...."
It also serves as "an excellent laboratory in medieval philology."
(943; Latin facsimiles and variant text transcriptions with English and German translations)

Images from the illuminated tenth-century Gospel book, available to be viewed in its entirety.
(10th century; image facsimiles)

(9th to 16th centuries; facsimiles)
(Transcriptions and translations)

Includes records of religious houses, higher clergy and early urban government.
From British History Online
(11th & 12th centuries, transcriptions)

EuroDocs > History of the United Kingdom: Primary Documents > Antiquity through 1065

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