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Guide to centuries of online German-language legal texts.
An offshoot of the University of Heidelberg's Deutsches Rechts-Wörterbuch (DRW).
(Transcriptions and facsimiles)
Collection of German Laws.
Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal and government documents.
(Transcriptions and translations)
Cases, statutes, literature and bibliographies on German law in English language.
German constitutions: national and regional: a major portal.
(1806 - present; transcriptions)
Video talks, aimed principally at the German people.
(German videos)
Federal Archives digitization of cabinet proceedings, previously available only in book form
Also includes minutes of the Cabinet Committee for Economics and the Cabinet Committee for Social Reform.
Future book volumes will be followed 18 months later by the digital version.
(1949-present; German transcriptions)
Current press briefings, agendas, minutes & reports of the Bundestag.
(German transcriptions)
Speeches ["Reden"] and/or interviews ["Interviews"] of the various Bundespräsidenten on various topics for each Bundespräsident since Richard von Weizsäcker.
(1984 - present; German transcriptions)

National Documents

Imperial court statutes
Provided by the Textarchiv des Deutschen Rechtswörterbuchs
(1555; transcriptions).
Imperial decree from shortly after the 30 Years' War
Provided by the Textarchiv des Deutschen Rechtswörterbuchs
(1654; transcriptions).
Documents of the important jurist digitized by the University of Marburg.
(1779-1861; facsimiles)
A major book digitization project of the Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte .
For an overview of subjects, click on "Systematik"
(19th century; facsimiles)
Historic German constitutions (including Hitler's infamous Ermächtigungsgesetz).
(1815 - present; German transcriptions)
(Weimar Republic Constitution of 11 August, 1919; German transcription)
Divided into two sections: laws involving internal affairs and those regulating foreign relations.
Part of the Austrian National Library's online law texts (ALEX Project).
(1922-1944; facsimiles)
Russian transcription here.
English translation [1] (also see agreement supplement here).
(16 April 1922; Russian facsimile, transcription, English translation)
Laws and Decrees of the Nazi Era
(1933-1945; German transcriptions)
Documents of the Federal Republic of Germany ("West Germany" and then the unified state)
(1948 to the present; German transcriptions)
Prohibition of Communist Party in the Federal Republic
(August 17, 1956; German transcription)
(Constitution of April 6, 1968 with revisions through 1974; German transcription)
German unification treaty.
(31 August 1990; German transcription)
Comprehensive and complete online texts of current Federal law
A cooperative project of the Ministry of Justice and juris GmbH
Including Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, Strafgesetzbuch and others.
(Current; German transcriptions and English translations)
Full-text decisions of the Constitutional Court.
English translations also available.
(1998-present; German transcriptions)
Growing collection of digitized images from among the 11 million images in the Federal Archive.
Searchable by multiple access points or browsable by subject.
(19th-20th centuries; image database)
(Basic Law) in English translation (with revisions through 2002) provided by the German Federal Government.
(May 23, 1949 with revisions through 2010; English translation)

Regional Documents

A collection of regional law texts
Used as sources for the Deutsches Rechtswörterbuch(Medieval and early modern periods; facsimiles and transcriptions).
National and regional: a major portal for constitutions of individual states.
(1806 - present; transcriptions)


Post-Napeonic constitution for the Grand Duchy of Baden
(22 August 1818; German transcription)


Digital version of the minutes of the Bavarian parliament of the late middle ages and early modern times.
Website also available in German.
(16th-20th centuries; facsimiles)
(3 September 1293; transcriptions).
Early 16th century criminal statues in Bamberg
(1507; facsimiles).
Early 16th century witchcraft statutes published in Augsburg.
Part of Cornell's Witchcraft Collection.
(1511; transcriptions).
Mid-16th century regional regulations for Bavaria
(1553; facsimiles).
Post-Napeonic constitution for the Kingdom of Bavaria
(26 May 1818; German transcriptio).
Current constitution for the state of Bavaria
(2 December 1946; German transcription plus English, French and Spanish translations).
Publication of the postwar Bavarian government
(1945-1949; facsimiles)

Hannover, Kingdom of

The constitutional crisis initiated by King Ernst August
In book format published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.
(1837-1839; searchable facsimile pages and downloadable PDF files)


Frankfurt reformation of the sixteenth century
(1578; facsimiles).
Constitution for the Grand Duchy of Hessen
(17 December 1820; German transcription).
1831 constitution for the Principality of Hessen
(5 January 1831; German transcription).
Documentary information system of the Hessian parliament.
(1945 to the present; German facsimiles)

Lower Saxony

City ordinances of Goslar
Constitution of Lower Saxony with amendments through 1993
(German transcription)


Regulations for the Palatinate of the late sixteenth century
(1582; facsimiles).


Municipal laws for Rostock in the late sixteenth century
(1586; facsimiles of print source).


Constitution for the state of Saarland
(15 December 1947; German transcription)


A set of historical and legal documents (land and fiefdom rights) from Saxony & vicinity.
(Early 14th century; German facsimiles).
Commercial laws of Leipzig
(1683; German facsimiles)
Constitution for the Kingdom of Saxony
(4 September 1831; German transcription)
Historical proceedings of the Saxon state parliament.
Digitized by the Sächsische Landesbibliothek -- Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden
(1919-1933 & 1946-1952; facsimiles)


Mid-15th century ordinances for Dithmarschen
(1447; transcriptions).


Mid-16th century regional regulations for Württemberg
(1552; facsimiles).
Post-Napeonic constitution for the Kingdom of Württemberg
(25 September 1819; German transcription)

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