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German History in Documents and Images: Occupation and the Emergence of Two States)
Compiled by the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C.
(1945-1961; images, maps, German transcriptions and English translations)
German History in Documents and Images: Two Germanies
Compiled by the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C.
(1961-1989; images, maps, German transcriptions and English translations)
German History in Documents and Images: One Germany in Europe
Compiled by the German Historical Institute in Washington, D.C.
(1989-present; images, maps, German transcriptions and English translations)

  • Foreign relations between Germany and the US
Documents from US State Department and University of Wisconsin-Madison.
US interest in relief and rescue of Jews and security detainees in Germany and German-occupied territory, 1945
Transfer of German populations from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, and Austria, 1945
US preparations for peace treaties with Germany and Austria, September 1946
US questions about the occupation and control of Germany, 1947
European security and the German question, Volume III, 1951
Part 1
Part 2
Issues with immigrants from USSR into Western Germany, 5 February 1952
General US-Germany relations, 1952-1954
Part 1
Part 2
US policy for Allied rights in Berlin, 1955-1957
Berlin Crisis
U.S. policy toward Federal Republic of Germany, 1958-1960
U.S. policy toward German Democratic Republic, 1958-1960
(1945-1977; English transcriptions)

A large collection of video eye-witness testimonies of German history, 20th century to the present.
Divided into three broad categories: Ereignisse (Events); Themen (Subjects) and Jahrhundertzeugen (centenarian witnesses).
(1910-present; video files of witness testimonies)

Hundreds of publications in English and German from the period immediately following World War II.
Part of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.
(Mostly 1946-1960; searchable or browseable database of facsimiles)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(Scroll down to Germany).
(1945 to the present; transcriptions and translations)

(Click on "P" within a given chronology for primary source documents).
(German transcriptions with German and English translations)

A blend of declassified textual materials, photographs and background information.
(1948-1952; facsimiles and transcriptions)
Sponsored by PBS on the occasion of an "American Experience" show on the airlift.
(1948-1949; images, interactive maps, newspaper accounts, timelines and commentary)

National Anthem of East Germany.
(German with English translation; 1949)

This community foreshadowed the formation of the EU. It was dissolved in 2002 and its functions were absorbed by the EU. Germany was one of the original members.
(1951; English)

Documents of the Federal Republic of Germany ("West Germany" and then the unified state).
(1948 to the present; German transcriptions)

Documents of the German Democratic Republic ("East Germany").
(1949-1990; German transcriptions)

Found on the National Security Archive.
Declassified documents regarding Europe provided by the National Security Agency.
Collection of Soviet and German documents regarding the uprising that began June 16, 1953.
Part of the Wilson Center's Digital Archive of the Cold War.
(April 1952 to October 1953; English transcriptions and facsimiles)

Collection of documents regarding the history of the Berlin Wall, as well as on the conditions in East Germany.
Part of the Wilson Center's Digital Archive of the Cold War
(1953-1990; English transcriptions and facsimiles)

Prohibition of Communist Party in the Federal Republic.
(August 17, 1956; German transcription)

"Increasing the Combat Readiness of the National People's Army" [of the German Democratic Republic]
Note: "DECO II" mentioned in the document was allegedly a West German document
obtained by East German agents.
(29 July 1959; English translation)

Speech at the Berlin Wall.
(26 June 1963; English transcription)

Including posters of solidarity with Latin America.
(1970-1989; facsimiles)

Including posters, speeches, etc.
(Facsimiles, translations and transcriptions)

(1986; German transcription from Die junge Welt
(1986; English translation)
Note that the post-Wall version of Die junge Welt is available online, as is the website of the Freie Deutsche Jugend.

Politburo sessions, diary entries, records of conversations, especially between Erich Honecker and Mikhail Gorbachev.
(5 September 1989-11 October 1989; English translations)
(23 September 1989-14 November 1989; Russian transcriptions)
Conversation takes place nine days after Berlin Wall's fall.
(17 November 1989; English transcription)
Final section of letter lays out Kohl's "10 Points."
(28 November 1989; English translation)
(3 December 1989; English facsimile)
(5 December 1989; English translation)
Teltschik confirms that the "10 Points" agree with Soviet proposals.
Teltschik recommends Kohl meet with Gorbachev to discuss the "10 Points."
(6 December 1989; English translation)

Documentation of communications between Helmut Kohl, George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev leading to German unification plans.
(November-December 1989; transcripts, memoranda, telegrams and phone records)
Internet archive of films and photos taken in 1989 and 1990, during the time of the Fall of the Wall and the reunification.
Website also available in English.
(1989-1990; images and films]

German unification treaty.
(31 August 1990; German transcription)

Solidifies borders, unifies Germany as a "democratic and peaceful state."
(12 September 1990; English transcription)

Site contains large Text Archive with an emphasis on Ostpolitik.
(German transcriptions).

(21 January 1997; German transcription)
(21 January 1997; English translation)

Growing collection of digitized images from among the 11 million images in the Federal Archive.
Searchable by multiple access points or browsable by subject.
(19th-20th centuries; image database)

Video talks, aimed principally at the German people.
(German videos)
Federal Archives digitization of cabinet proceedings, previously available only in book form
Also includes minutes of the Cabinet Committee for Economics and the Cabinet Committee for Social Reform.
Future book volumes will be followed 18 months later by the digital version.
(1949-present; German transcriptions)
Current press briefings, agendas, minutes & reports of the Bundestag.
(German transcriptions)
Speeches ["Reden"] and/or interviews ["Interviews"] of the various Bundespräsidenten on various topics for each Bundespräsident since Richard von Weizsäcker.
(1984 - present; German transcriptions)

(German Constitution of May 23, 1949 with revisions through 2002)
(Basic Law) in English translation (with revisions through 2002) provided by the German Federal Government.
(May 23, 1949 with revisions through 2010; English translation)

Very thorough links of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany also available in English.
(German data and commentary)

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