History of Andorra: Primary Documents

Flag of Andorra

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Provided by the Arxiu Nacional d'Andorra.
(17th century; facsimiles in Catalan)

Website of the Andorran national archives. Pictures, video and other documents.

Andorran government documents.
Official website for the government of Andorra.
(1993 to present; transcriptions)

Collection of Andorran Laws.
Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal and government documents.
(Translations and transcriptions)

Provided by the Open Consell General.
(Ratified 28 April 1993; PDF file, Catalan transcription)
From the Andorramania website.
(28 April 1993; English translation)

From the Andorra Principat website.
(First performed 8 September 1921; Catalan transcription)

Collected, recent treaties made available by the Andorran government.

Historical literature in Catalan.
(Catalan; facsimiles)

Collection of historical maps of Andorra.

Collection of historical maps of Europe.
(facsimiles; Hungarian)

Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

EuroDocs > History of Andorra: Primary Documents

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