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Maps and images of transformations as seen through cultural artifacts.
Includes data on former Roman provinces found in modern countries, including Austria.
Shows the emergence of a common culture in the northern provinces of the Roman Empire from Britain to the Black Sea.
(Antiquity through 212 AD; maps and facsimile images)

Virtual Document Archive of Central European Cloisters and Bishoprics.
Documenting not only the history of the cloisters themselves, but developments in church, state and society in Central Europe since the Early Middle Ages.
(1049 to the present; Latin and vernacular facsimiles and transcriptions).

Facsimiles of German-language medieval manuscripts.
Organized by locations of manuscripts.

Also contains narrative texts and photos from other European countries.

From the Avalon Project.
(17 September 1156; English translation)

Including treaties and letters.
(1191-1792; Russian transcriptions and translations)

Chronicle of Hall in Tyrol.
Provided by Austrian Literature Online.
(1303-1572, printed 1867; facsimile of print source)

Complete facsimile of the Codex Palatinus Germanicus 848 in the Heidelberg University library.
A famous and well-preserved collection of medieval German literature.
(1305-1340; German facsimiles)

Record by a chronicler in Carinthia, within the Austrian Empire.
(1341; Latin)

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(13th century; transcriptions and translations)

The letters of Austrian and Bavarian noblewomen, set against the backdrop of their relationships and cultural status.
A project of the Institute for History, University of Vienna.
(16th to 18th centuries; contemporary German-language transcriptions)

(19 October 1558-24 February 1560; Russian transcription)

Provided by the Digital Collections of the Brigham Young University Library.
(1592-1597; facsimiles)

(May 1604; Russian transcription)
(November 1604; Russian transcription)
(16 June 1605; Russian transcription)

Written by Friedrich Schiller.
(1618-1648; English translation)

Peace Treaty ending the Thirty Years War.
Provided by the Avalon Project.
(24 October 1648, English translation)

(9 April 1689; Russian translation)

(1697-1699; Russian transcription)

Treaty concluding the Austro-Turkish war, part of the larger Russo-Turkish war.
(September 18, 1739; English)

A collection of correspondence in German.
Provided by Sophie: A Digital Library of Works by German-Speaking Women.
(1736-1780; German transcriptions)

Various decrees, letters, accounts, and other documents relating to Austria-Russia union.
(1759-1887; Russian translations and transcriptions)

Signed in St. Petersburg.
(3-14 July 1792)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
Specifically relates to the Austrian despots Maria Theresa, Frederick II, and Joseph II.
(18th century; transcriptions and translations)

Gateway to the institute's digital collection of artifacts documenting German-speaking Jewry in the modern era.
Basic and advanced search capabilities, along with browse options.
Includes archival materials, memoirs and manuscripts, art, books and periodicals, photographs, and audio recordings.
(16th to 21st centuries)

Includes manuscripts, poster musical manuscripts and other documents.
Listed by newspaper title or by year.
An ambitious project of the Austrian National Library in cooperation with the Parlamentsbibliothek.
(1738 to the present; facsimile pages)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(19th century; transcriptions and translations)

Treaty between Napoleonic France and Austria. Austria surrendered territory. Also known as the Treaty of Vienna.
(October 14, 1809; English translation)

Digital archive searchable chronologically or geographically.
(1848-1849; facsimiles of pamphlets, placards, documents, newspapers, official print sources, graphics)

Includes documents and links to other text archives of similar content.
(1849 to present; translations and transcriptions)

Treaty between Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy.
Includes additional declarations from each country.
(May 20-28, 1882; English transcription)

Browsable by alphabetical title or by year.
Available in English, German, or Italian interface.
(19th to 20th centuries; newspaper facsimiles in German or Ladino language)

From the Avalon Project.
(1829-1909; English translations and transcriptions)

A major book digitization project of the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History.
For an overview of subjects, click on "Systematik."
Also provides browsing by title and author.
(19th century; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Austrian anarchist newspaper.
(1907-1914; German facsimiles)

Austro-Hungarian Documents on the Outbreak of War.
(1 July 1914 to 27 August 1914; German transcriptions with some French and English translations)

Diplomatic Documents leading to World War I.
Section I, Numbers 1 to 19, Appendices 1 and 2.
(1914; English translations)

Documenting events from before Sarajevo until after Versailles.
(pre-1914 to post-1918; translations and transcriptions)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1914-1918; transcriptions and translations)

Treaty between Allies and Austria at the end of WWI.
(September 10, 1919; English)

Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1914-1919; translations)

Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1918-1941; translations)

Historical documents of the Austrian women's movement.
Gathered by Ariadne, the women's documentation project of the Austrian National Library.
(1918-1938; facsimile books and periodicals)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and translations)

Austrian National Anthem, adopted 1946. The music was previously attributed to Mozart, but his authorship is unlikely.
(German with English translation; 1946)

A collection of documents related to WWII.
From the Avalon Project.
(1938-1947; transcriptions and translations)
Official government histories (mainly U.S.), source documents, and other primary references.
(1939-1945; English transcriptions and translations)
Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1938-1946; translations)

  • Foreign relations between Austria and the US
Documents from US State Department and University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Transfer of German populations from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, and Austria, 1945
US preparations for peace treaties with Germany and Austria, September 1946
Austrian treaty commission, 12 May-11 October 1947
US State Department policy statement on Austria, 1948
US efforts to assure Austrian independence, 1948
US participation in Austrian treaty negotiations, 1948
US participation on final drafting of Austrian State Treaty, 1955
(1945-1972; English transcriptions)

Newspaper of the Austrian Socialist Party.
(1945-1989; German facsimiles)

Oral histories of Austrian-Jewish emigrees who fled to the USA during the Nazi years.
Part of the Center for Jewish History Digital Collections.
(20th century; audio files)

Documents paving the way towards Austrian independence.
(1955; German transcriptions)

Treaty and other documents pertaining to the inclusion of Austria in the EU. Part of Eur-Lex, a service of the European Union.
(1994; English)

Also contains commentaries and annotations.
(Translations and Hungarian transcriptions, some ftp-able)

Provided by the ZIS Zeitgeschichte Informationssystem.
(20th century; German transcriptions)

Excerpts from historical Austrian constitutions.
(1867-1955; German transcriptions with French and English translations)
With revisions through 1983.
(1920-1983; English translation)

Includes speeches and interviews, as well as press releases of the Austrian Federal Foreign Ministry.
(English translations and German transcriptions)

Minutes of the Sessions of the Bundesrat (Federal Council), Nationalrat (National Council) and Bundesversammlung (Federal Assembly) of the Austrian Parliament.
(1995 to present; transcriptions)

Online corpus of Austrian laws provided by the Austrian National Library, including legal texts from:
The Monarchy
    Justizgesetzsammlung (Justice Act Collections 1780-1848)
    Reichsgesetzblatt (1848-1918)
    Kronländer (Crown Lands)
    Stenographische Protokolle des Abgeordnetenhauses (Stenographic minutes of the House of Representatives 1861-1918)
    Stenographische Protokolle des Herrenhauses (Stenographic records of the House of Lords 1861-1918)
First Republic
    Staatsgesetzblatt (State Gazette 1918-1920)
    Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette 1920-1934)
    Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette 1934-1938)
    Bundesländer (Regions 1918-1938)
Austria after Anschluss to the German Reich
    Gesetzblatt für das Land Österreich (Austrian Gazette 1938-1940)
    Deutsches Reichsgesetzblatt (German Reich Law Gazette)
    Reichsgaue 1938-1945
Second Republic
    Bundesländer (Regions)
Current laws are linked to the Rechtsinformationssystem from the Federal Chancellor's office.
(1780 to the present; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Materials from the Austrian Parliament including press releases, stenographic minutes, proposals, and other documents.

Collection of essays from important economic thinkers throughout Europe, including Austria.
(English transcriptions and translations)

Collection of Austrian Laws.
Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal, and government documents.
(Translations and transcriptions)

Mostly history of German-speaking countries.
P = Primary, S = Secondary, M = Instructional Materials
Click on "P" within a given chronology for primary source documents.
(transcriptions and translations in German and English)

Collected media of internet project on the Habsburgs.

Austrian and Austro-Hungarian historical documents, including literature.
Provided by Austrian Literature Online.
(17th to 20th centuries; German-language facsimiles)

Historical documents and literature of Styria, one of the nine states of Austria.
Provided by Austrian Literature Online.
(19th to 20th centuries; German-language facsimiles)

Early historical documents and literature regarding Tyrol, one of the states of Austria.
See also Tirolensien for further materials.
Provided by Austrian Literature Online.
(16th to 20th centuries; German-language facsimiles)

Collection of historical maps from several Austrian cities.
Provided by Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities

Austrian page of the World Documents Library.
(photos; facsimiles)

Collection of historical documents on recent Austrian history, especially in relation to Russia.

From the World Digital Library:

18th-century French map of the Austrian Circle, which included parts of present-day Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Switzerland.
(1792; zoomable map)
Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1906, just over a decade before its dissolution.
(1906; zoombale map)

Includes maps from the First, Second and Third Military Surveys.
(1763-1887; English)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

Collection of historical maps of Austria.

Collection of historical maps of Europe.
(facsimiles; Hungarian)

Links to data from various censuses in Austria.
(1869-2011; English)

Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

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