History of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Primary Documents

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(17th to 19th centuries; facsimile with notes in the English language)

Searchable book-length travel reports digitized at the University of Michigan.
(19th to 20th century; hundreds of facsimiles in many languages)

Basic texts, communiques, press releases, and other documents.
(Transcriptions, video, and audio)

Letter from Count Andrássy to Count Beust.
Communicated to the Earl of Derby by Count Beust on 3 January 1876.
(30 December 1875; transcription)
Part of the "Correspondence respecting the Affairs of Turkey, and the Insurrection in Bosnia and the Herzegovina."
(May 1876; transcription)

Documenting events from before Sarajevo until after Versailles.
(pre-1914 to post-1918; translations and transcriptions)
A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1914-1918; transcriptions and translations)
Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1914-1919; translations)

Chronicle of crimes committed during the Holocaust in Croatia
Provided courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
(1941-1945; images, videos, transcriptions, and commentaries)

Between the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, the Kingdom of Greece and The Turkish Republic.
Signed at Ankara.
(28 February 1953; transcription)

Declassified CIA documents from Cold War Era Hard Target Analysis.
(3 November 1958; PDF facsimiles)

Findings of the Srebrenica Research Group into the background leading up to events in Srebrenica, Bosnia, and Herzegovina.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page for links to document sections.
Includes secondary materials and UN Documents on war crimes and genocide in Eastern Bosnia.
(2 June 1993; PDF document)
Archive courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Includes a gallery of eyewitness testimonies.
(Transcriptions, videos)

Speech and letter calling upon the United Nations to act following the Tuzla massacre.
(25 May 1995; transcription)
(25 May 1995; transcription)

Agreement for peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Provided by the U.S. Department of State.
(21 November to 14 December 1995; transcription)
Congressional hearing on the decision to ship arms from Iran to Bosnia.
(30 May 1996; transcription)
Congressional hearing on the progress of the NATO-led Implementation Force (IFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
(1 August 1996; transcription)
Cooperation agreement meant to improve relations between the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Republika Srpska.
(28 February 1997; transcription)

Testimony of Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, D. Kathleen Stephens, before the Subcommittee on Europe.
(17 March 2004; transcription)

Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal, and government documents.

Map of the Balkans as they were organized at the end of World War I, after the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
(1918; zoomable map)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

EuroDocs > History of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Primary Documents

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