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Digital collections of the Library of the University of Cyprus.

Example of ancient Cypriot writing system. Written on bronze.
(5th century BC)

On this page the conquest of Cyprus by the Persians is recorded.
(Greek with English translation, about 420 BC)

Ancient history of the campaigns Alexander the Great. Includes involvement of Cyprus in chapter 17.
(300's BC)

History written by Sicilian historian which includes several passages on the history of Cyprus.
(English translation, 30 BC)

This text written by Greek historian Strabo includes passage on geography and history of Cyprus.
(English translation; 7 BC)

Ancient travel guidebook of Greece, includes passage on Cyprus including a reference to the mythical founder of Salamis, Teucer. See 1.3.2
(English translation; 2nd century)

Letter from the Greek orator Isocrates including three to Cypriot rulers.
(English translation; 4th century)

Chronicle by Byzantine cleric. He includes section about the treaty which split rule of Cyprus between the Byzantium and the Arab Caliphate. This arrangement lasted centuries.
(Russian translation; 815)

Chronological explanation of Maronite history including excerpts from source documents. Maronites form an ethnoreligious group in Cyprus and Lebanon.
(English translation; 10th-18th centuries)

Two separate histories of the British conquest of the Cyprus during the crusades.
(1191; English)

Proceedings against the Templar Order, including trials in Cyprus. See also Volume 2.
(Latin; 14th century)

The National Anthem of Cyprus, also Greek National Anthem. Adopted in 1966.
(Greek with English translation; 1823)

Secret agreement transferring control of Cyprus to UK from the Ottoman Empire.
(June 4, 1878, English)

Personal account of a visit to Cyprus by Sir Samuel White Baker.
Provided through Project Gutenberg.
(English; 1879)

In this order Britain claimed complete ownership of Cyprus upon the outbreak of WWI.
(English, November 5, 1914)

Accounts from concentration camps of Jews: letters, lists, reports, and other documents.
From the JDC Archives.
(1945-1949; English facsimiles)

Agreements and proposals on the Cyprus Problem.
Also contains documents on the possibilities of European Union membership.
Also available in Greek.
(1963 to present; English translations and Greek transcriptions)

Collection of peace agreements entered into by Cyprus.

Cyprus page of the World Documents Library.
(photos; facsimiles)

Collection of Cypriot Laws.
Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal, and government documents.

Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

Unofficial referendum carried out by petition by the Cypriot orthodox church. 95% voted in favor of union with Greece. Text of petition and results.
(facsimile, German translation; January 1950)

Collection of mid 20th century US documents on the possibility of Cyprus joining Greece.
(English; 1952-1954)

  • Foreign relations between Cyprus and the US
Documents from US State Department and University of Wisconsin-Madison.
(1955-1976; English transcriptions)

Documents relating to Greek proposal to partition Cyprus.
(facsimiles; 1956)

Agreement between Turkey and Greece outlining conditions for the establishment of an independent state of Cyprus.
(English; February 11, 1959)

Constitution ratified shortly after Cyprus gained independence in 1959. Still recognized today despite partial breakdown.
(English translation; August 16, 1960)

Treaty between Great Britain, Greece, Turkey, and the new Republic of Cyprus.
(English; August 16, 1960)

Treaty between Greece, Turkey and Cyprus forming a three way alliance.
(English; August 16, 1960)

Treaty in which independence and integrity of Cyprus guaranteed by all parties.
(English; August 16, 1960)

Historical documents about the violence in Cyprus preceding and following the independence of Cyprus.
(1955-1964; facsimiles)

First declaration of partisan group, which fought for independence from Great Britain and unification with Greece.
Facsimile available on wikipedia.
(English translation; April 1, 1955)
Letter from partisan leader to his followers in which he declares a cease fire.
(English translation;March 9, 1959)

These thirteen amendments to the Cypriot constitution were forced through illegally, which sparked increased conflict between Turkish and Greek Cypriots.
(November 1963; English translation)

Resolution on internal conflict in Cyprus. UN peacekeeping forces were dispatched at this time, and they remain to this day.
(English; March 4, 1964)

Archbishop Makarios delivered this speech to the UN security council.
(English translation; July 19, 1974)

Agreement allowing free movement of Greek and Turkish Cypriots to move South or North respectively. Resulted in Turkish North Cyprus and Greek Cyprus.
(English; August 2, 1975)

Constitution of Northern Cyprus, which is not officially recognized by any nation except Turkey.
(English translation; November 15, 1983)

Resolution of U.S. Congress condemning the existence of Northern Cyprus.
(February 3 1984; English)

Collection of documents on the Cyprus problem. Provided by the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cyprus to the united Nations.

Small collection of documents on ongoing occupation of part of Cyprus by Turkey.
(English; 1996-1999)

Decision of the European Court of Human Rights on alleged violations against Greek Cypriots by Turkey.
(English; 2001)

Treaty and other documents concerning Cyprus' admission to the European Union. Part of EUR-Lex, a service of the European Union.
(2003; English)

Collection of historical maps of Cyprus.

Archive of videos relevant to the history of Cyprus.
(1967-2010; videos)

Decision to unite Cyprus by cooperation of opposing political leaders Papadopoulos and Denktash.
At UN headquarters.
(13 February 2004; English transcription)

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