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Finland through 1700

Provided by the Latvian National Library.
(16th to 18th centuries; map facsimiles and descriptions)

Finland 1700 to Present

Database of digitized Finnish newspapers published from 1771-1900.
Browse the database by newspaper title or by topic.
(1771-1900; facsimiles)

The power manifesto of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, removing "local" legislation from the Grand Duchy of Finland.
(15 February 1899; English translation)
Concerning the procedure to be complied with issuing laws and decrees of all-Empire significance for Finland.
Consolidates Russian control.
Also available in French.
(30 June 1910; English translation)
Signed by Russian officials following the abdication of Nicholas II.
Also available in Russian.
(20 March 1917; English translation)

Photos from Gustaf Hallström's early 20th century research trips.
Cultural history vignettes from northern Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
Posted by the Umeå University Library.
(1907-1926; photo facsimiles and diary transcriptions)

Provides secondary introduction as well as the text of the Ems Telegram recognizing the independence of Finland.
(18 December 1917; English translation)
Also available in Russian.
(18-23 December 1917; English translations)

Information on the Soviet invasion of Finland 1939-1940.
(30 November 1939 to 14 March 1940; maps, transcriptions, commentary)

SA Photo Archive: Defense of the Home Front.
Over 100,000 photos of Finland during the wars of independence (during the time called World War II elsewhere).
(1939-1945; searchable database of photographic reproductions)

British policy and perceptions towards Finland during the:
(1939-1956; English transcriptions)

Finnish Legal and Governmental Documents

From the Etusivu Finnish Ministry of Justice with amendments through 1999.
Finnish and Swedish text versions, as well as translations into English and other languages.
(11 June 1999; transcriptions and translations)
(11 June 1999; English translation)

Publications, speeches, press releases and statements.
(English translations and access to Finnish transcriptions).

Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal, and government documents.
(Transcriptions and translations)

Other Finnish History Source Collections

Finnish historical documents from the Library of Parliament.
(Finnish transcriptions)
Documents from Swedish rule, Russian rule, and since independence.
(1200 to the present; Finnish transcriptions)

One of the earliest accurate maps of the Scandinavian peninsula.
(1572; zoomable map)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

Digital Archive of Finnish Folk Tunes
Digitised collection of over 8600 Finnish folk tunes collected in the 19th century.
Search by keyword, collection, musical type, geographical location and musical content.

A History of Nordic Travel.
(16th to 20th centuries; facsimiles, transcriptions, maps)

Digitized Finnish newspapers.
(May 2000 to present day; English transcriptions)

Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

Manifestations of Europe in archival documents.
See especially Helsinki documents.
(Facsimiles and English summaries)

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