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Hungary: Antiquity through the 14th Century

Maps and images of transformations as seen through cultural artifacts.
(Includes data on former Roman provinces now found in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia)
Geographic and thematic approaches available in nine languages.
(Antiquity through 212 AD; maps and facsimile images)
Byzantine and Medieval sources in English translation.
(700-1204; English-language transcriptions)
King/Saint Steven's Admonitions to Prince Imre
(early 11th century; modern Hungarian translation)
History of the Arpád Period
Source website for documents through 1301 listed below.
(1000-1301; mostly modern Hungarian translations)
King Steven I's First Code of Law
(1001; modern Hungarian translation)
Pannonhalma Charter
(1002; modern Hungarian translation)
King Steven I's Second Code of Law
(1030-1038; modern Hungarian translation)
Hexameters on the Coronation Cloak
(1031; parallel Latin & modern Hungarian translation)
About the Cruelty of King Peter
Excerpt from the Chronicon Pictum (1358)
(1038-1041; modern Hungarian translation)
The Meeting in Várkony
Excerpt from the Chronicon Pictum (1358)
(ca. 1040 - 1050; modern Hungarian translation)
The Battle of Kerlés
Excerpt from the Chronicon Pictum (1358)
(ca. 1040-1050; modern Hungarian translation)
Deed of Foundation of Tihany
(1055; modern Hungarian translation)
Pope Gregory VII's Letters to King Salomon
(1074-1075; modern Hungarian translations)
László I's Code of Law
(1077-1092; modern Hungarian translations)
King Kálmán's so-called First Code of Law
(ca. 1100; modern Hungarian translation)
The Census of Dömös
(3 September 1138; modern Hungarian translation)
Report on the Death of a Hungarian Student Studying in Paris
(Between 1177 and 1192; modern Hungarian translation)
Eulogy and Prayer
The oldest source document in Hungarian for its length
(1192-1195; medieval Hungarian & modern Hungarian translations)
Letter of King Imre to Pope Innocent III
(At the end of 1199; modern Hungarian translation)
Chronicle of the deeds of the Hungarians.
(English translation; 1203)
Expansion of Gesta Hungarorum.
(Hungarian translation; 1282)
Letter of King Andrew II to Pope Innocent III
(At the end of 1214; modern Hungarian translation)
The Golden Bull of King Andrew II
Hungary's "Magna Carta"
(1222; modern Hungarian translation)
Available as an English translation with minor exclusions - see pages 129-130.
(1222; English translation)
Revised text of the Golden Bull
(1231; modern Hungarian translation)
The Agreement of Bereg
(1233; modern Hungarian translation)
Reports of Friar Julianus, plus a letter on "How the Tartars Live."
(Early 13th century; modern Hungarian translations)
Letter of Hungarian King Bela IV to King Konrad IV of Germany
(1241; modern Hungarian translation)
Hungarian Letter to the Pope
(2 February 1242; modern Hungarian translation)
King Béla IV and Sons' Code of Law
(1267; modern Hungarian translation)
King Steven V's Manumission for the 'Hospes' of Györ
(1271; modern Hungarian translation)
King László IV's First Code of Law
(23 June 1279; modern Hungarian translation)
The Battle of Morvamezö
An excerpt from A magyarok viselt dolgai (A History of the Hungarians)
(ca. 1283; modern Hungarian translation)
King Andrew III's Code of Law
(1290-1291 & 1298; modern Hungarian translations)
Virtual Document Archive of Central European Cloisters and Bishoprics - Hungary
Documenting not only the history of the cloisters themselves, but also developments in church, state and society in Central Europe since the Early Middle Ages.
(14th century; Latin and vernacular facsimiles and transcriptions)

Charters between the kings of Poland, Bohemia and Hungary. Available in several languages.
3 Sept. 1335
19 Nov. 1335
22 Nov. 1335
26 Nov. 1335
3 Dec. 1335
6 Jan. 1336

Treaty between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire.
(October 22, 1463; Hungarian)

Hungary: 17th Century through the 19th Century

Written by Friedrich Schiller.
(1618-1648; English translation)
Peace Treaty ending the Thirty Years War.
(24 October 1648, English translation)
Description of 17th century Hungary.
(1664; English)
War declared against Austrian princes.
(1682; English)
Online Hungarian books of the 18th - 21st centuries.
(18th-21st century; facsimiles)
List of digitized newspapers.
(1766-1832; Hungarian facsimiles)
Romanian and Hungarian periodicals from Transylvania.
(1795-1950; Facsimiles)
Documents an expedition in 1837 through southeastern Europe and the southern parts of the Russian Empire.
Information about the geography, history, archaeology, and peoples and cultures of the region.
(19th century; facsimile French-language book)
Searchable book-length travel reports digitized at the University of Michigan.
(19th-20th century; hundreds of facsimiles in multiple languages)
Speeches of this Hungarian lawyer, journalist and politician. Called the Father of Hungarian Democracy.
(1802-1894; English)
Personal account of the travels of French geologist F.S. Beudant.
(1818; English translation)
Works of one of the leaders of the 1849 revolution.
(1823-1849; Hungarian)
National Anthem of Hungary. Adopted in 1844.
(Hungarian with English translation; 1823)
From the Avalon Project
(1829-1909; English translations and transcriptions)
(1849-present; translations and transcriptions)
(April 1849; English translation)
List of the digitized newspaper "Sunday News".
(1854-1921; Hungarian facsimiles and transcriptions)
Supplement to Issue No. 883 of the Neue Freie Presse.
Polemic published by Franz Freiherr von Sommaruga. (Vienna: C. Gerold's Sohn, 1867)
Summarizes concerns for Austria about recommendations of the Hungarian Parliament regarding the imminent Double Monarchy.
(February 14, 1867; German transcriptions)
This document is reprinted from Seton-Watson, R.W. The Southern Slav Question and the Habsburg Monarchy.
London: Constable and Co., 1911. The translation is by Seton-Watson.
The source is H-Net.
(1868; English translation)
Treaty between Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy.
Includes additional declarations from each country.
(May 20-28, 1882; English transcription)
List of digitized newspapers.
(1891-1904, 1908-1922; Hungarian facsimiles and transcriptions)

Hungary: 20th Century; WWI, WWII

Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1906, just over a decade before its dissolution.
(1906; zoomable map)
"The Rainbow Book:" German White Book, Austro-Hungarian Red Book, English Blue Book, French Yellow Book, Russian Orange Book, Serbian Blue Book and Belgian Grey Book: The Negotiations Leading to War.
Ed. Max Beer (Bern: Wyss, 1915)
A chronological combination of significant documents from the diplomatic archives of the various belligerent countries.
(29 June - 4 September 1914; facsimile of 2nd edition)
(pre-1914 - post-1918; translations and transcriptions)
  • Die Österreichisch-Ungarischen Dokumente zum Kriegsausbruch
    Austro-Hungarian Documents on the Outbreak of War
Sub-title: Diplomatische Aktenstücke zur Vorgeschichte des Krieges 1914 (Diplomatic Documents on the Prehistory of the 1914 War)
2 July 1914 - 27 August 1914 (German and French originals in full-text searchable transcriptions)
Erster Teil - 28. Juni bis 23. Juli 1914
Zweiter Teil - 24. Juli bis 28. Juli 1914
Dritter Teil - 29. Juli bis 27. August 1914
Sub-title: Diplomatische Aktenstücke zur Vorgeschichte des Krieges 1914 (Diplomatic Documents on the Prehistory of the 1914 War)
2 July 1914 - 27 August 1914 (German and French originals in print-format transcriptions)
Diplomatic Documents leading to World War I.
Section I, Nos 1-19, Appendices 1 and 2.
(1914; English translations)
Treaty between Central Powers and Soviet Russia ending Russia's involvement in WWI.
(March 3, 1918; English)
A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1914-1918; transcriptions and translations)
Peace treaty between the U.S. and Hungary after WWi. Supplementary treaty here.
(August 29, 1921; English)
Documents regarding the uprisings in Hungary and Poland against Soviet rule.
Part of the Wilson Center's Digital Archive of the Cold War.
(1930-1956; English transcriptions)
A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and translations)
A collection of documents related to WWII.
From the Avalon Project.
Including treaties affecting the Hungarian border from the Treaty of Trianon to the Moscow Agreement.
Published by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, US Department of State
(1920-1945; facsimiles)
  • Foreign relations between Hungary and the US
Documents from US State Department and University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Transfer of German populations from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, and Austria, 1945
Discussion of Hungarian-Rumanian frontier, Paris, 17 May 1946
Paris Peace Conference: US draft treaties with Italy, Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Finland; 29 July-15 October 1946
US estimate of situation in Hungary, 1955
Rakosi resigns, documents 80-92; 1956
The Hungarian Rebellion, 1956
Fall of Nagy and UN discussion of Hungarian question, 1956
US role in Hungarian rebellion and its aftermath, US assistance to Hungary; 1956-1957
UN special committee report on Hungary, 1957
The US reevaluates its Eastern European policies, 1957
(1945-1972; English transcriptions)

CIA Historical Staff, The Clandestine Service Historical Series, Hungary, Volume II, External Operations, 1946-1965

(1946-1965, published May 1972; English facsimile)
Plans for cooperation, meeting minutes, and contracts.
(14 May 1948 - 22 February 1989; Czech, Hungarian, and Russian facsimiles and transcriptions)
Provided by the website of the National Assembly. English translation also available.
1949, as updated to the present.
(Hungarian transcription and English translation)
1949, as updated to 1997.
(English and German translations)
(September 1950-December 1953, published May 1972; English facsimile)
(January 1956-16 January 1957; English translations)
Demands to Soviet government.
(1956; English translation)
(28 October 1956; English translation)
(30 October 1956; English translation)
Includes resolution for situation.
(31 October 1956; English translation)
(Discusses 23 October-4 November 1956, published January 1958; English facsimile)
Declassified CIA documents from Cold War Era Hard Target Analysis.
(28 January 1957; PDF facsimiles)
Excerpt from correspondence regarding the opening of the Austrian-Hungarian border.
(1989; English translation)
Excerpt from a conversation between opposition leader and Soviet ambassador.
(1989; English translation)
Results for the first free elections in Hungary after the fall of Communism.
(April 8, 1990; English)

Hungary: Governmental and Legal Documents

Includes laws and resolutions from 1990 to the present.
(Hungarian transcriptions).
Collection of Hungarian Laws.
Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal and government documents.
(Translations and transcriptions)
Treaty and other documents concerning Hungary's admission to the European Union. Part of EUR-Lex, a service of the European Union.
(2003; English)

Hungary: Maps, Collections, and Databases

Collection of Hungarian historical documents.
(1000-2003; Hungarian)
A set of historical maps from Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities
Hungary page of the World Documents Library.
(photos; facsimiles)
Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)
  • Physical Items from Hungarian History
From the Hungarian National Museum
From the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
Presented in cooperation with Google Cultural Institute.
(Facsimile images)
Digitized German-language newspapers of Central and Eastern Europe outside German-speaking countries.
(18th-20th centuries; facsimiles newspaper issues)
Also contains commentaries and annotations.
A part of Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár -- Hungarian Electronic Library.
(Translations and Hungarian transcriptions, some ftp-able)
Hungarian history presented thematically -- mostly secondary articles, but with some source documents.
(English translations)

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