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Roman law: Justinian texts hyperlinked to commentary glosses of the medieval ius commune.
(Latin transcriptions)

Geographic Information System (GIS) approach to spatial analysis of the Roman and medieval worlds.
Can be slow to load, but well worth the wait.
Includes auxiliary links leading to regional and local sources.
(Interactive online maps)
Georeferencing and imaging of monuments of the Franks
(Includes parts of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland)
(Antiquity to Middle Ages; interactive maps, images)

Christian books, commentaries, and other written works available in several languages.
(Translations and transcriptions)

A UCLA project to make thousands of fully digitized manuscripts available online.
Searchable by geographic location, shelfmark, author, title, and language.
(Portal to various digital repositories of facsimile manuscripts)

Medieval and Renaissance artifacts at London's Victoria & Albert Museum.
(Ca. 300-1600; facsimiles, photos and commentary)

A scholarly resource for the study of women's religious communities.
See especially Cartularium for primary source documents and Figurae for digital images.
(5th - 15th Centuries; facsimiles and commentary)


(Early Middle Ages; Latin transcriptions)

Seals with images important for establishing official portraits and to show legitimacy and provenance of accompanying documents.
A collection of facsimiles at Notre Dame's Medieval Institute Library.
(Facsimiles and commentary)

Collection of thousands of digital images of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.
(Middle Ages to Renaissance; images and descriptions)

Digital catalogue of the Waller Collection of History of Science and Medicine kept at the Uppsala University Library.
Contains books, manuscripts, and letters.
Joint project by the Museo Galileo in Florence, the Office for History of Science – Uppsala University and Uppsala University Library.
(15th century - present; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Standard and comprehensive source for questions of chronology, time reckonings and calendars.
Extends beyond the German border; includes calendars of saints by city, diocese and order.
Digitized by Dr. Horst Ruth.
(Annotated Latin and German transcriptions)

Part of The Avalon Project.
(ca. 500; English translation)

1908 translation by S.P. Scott of Forum judicum.
Visigothic laws towards Spanish Jews (Book XII) anticipated the much later inquisition.
(7th century; English translations)

Particularly strong in Old Norse sagas.
(9th to 13th centuries; Old Norse transcriptions)
Note: Diacritics on the main page are illegible.

Byzantine and Medieval sources in English translation.
(700-1204; English-language transcriptions)

This is a monumental collection of medieval documents (even the title proclaims it).
Consisting of published volumes in facsimile form of the sub-series:
Scriptores (Historiographers),
Leges (Legal Texts),
Diplomata (Political Documents),
Epistolae (Correspondence),
Antiquitates (Poetry and History of Thought), along with other sub-series.
Full-text searchable transcriptions to follow soon.
(Middle Ages; Latin and German facsimiles)

As an inventory of all documentary and historiographical sources of the Roman-German royal lines from the Carolingians to Maximilian I, as well as of the Popes of the Early and High Middle Ages, the Regesta Imperii are among the great source works of German and European History.
Available as facsimiles of original book pages or as a search for the corresponding full texts.
(751-1519; German facsimiles & transcriptions) - Some work still in progress -

Digital Abbey Library of medieval codices at St. Gallen, Switzerland.
(8th - 15th centuries; facsimiles)

Diplomatic codices of medieval and early modern Saxony with heaviest emphases on the cities of Meissen, Leipzig, and Freiberg.
(948 - 1555; German and Latin facsimiles of original book pages)

Electronic scholarly editions of important Medieval texts.
Hosted by ORB: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies..
(10th to 15th centuries; transcriptions and translations)

Digitized [Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts http://www.kb.dk/en/nb/materialer/haandskrifter/HA/e-mss/mdr.html] from the Danish Royal Library.
(850-1596; facsimiles)

a cura di Michele Lupo Gentile
"Atti della Società Ligure di Storia Patria" XLIV (1912).
A volume of medieval documents dealing with the north of Tuscany.
-- Note: large JPEG files may be slow to load --
(900 - 1297; Latin and Italian transcriptions with Italian apparatus)

Part of The Avalon Project.
(802; English translation)

(817; English translation)

(870; English translation)

This mourning poem "is by far the earliest work written about the Normans from the Norman point of view...."
It also serves as "an excellent laboratory in medieval philology."
(943; Latin facsimiles and variant text transcriptions with English and German translations)

The chronicle of Bishop Thietmar of Merseburg.
Exemplary digital editing by Monumenta Germaniae Historica.
(ca. 1000; German facsimiles and transcriptions)

From Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley.
(1031-1555; facsimiles)

"Virtual Document Archive of Central European Cloisters and Bishoprics".
Documenting not only the history of the cloisters themselves, but developments in church, state and society in Central Europe since the Early Middle Ages.
(1049 to the present; Latin and vernacular transcriptions)

Online medieval Norwegian diplomas provided by the Dokumentasjons Prosjektet.
Searching is by keyword or (more practical for browsing) by volume and page number.
(1050-1590; Old Norse, Latin, Swedish, Middle High German, and other language transcriptions)

The oldest surviving public record of Britain, a survey of boroughs and manors in England commissioned by William the Conqueror.
This online version, at the National Archives, is searchable and includes downloadable images and other explanatory apparatus.
(1085; searchable images and modern translations, explanatory materials)

Part of The Avalon Project.
(1085: English translation)

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(9th-13th centuries; transcriptions)

Translation of the Chronica Adefonsi imperatoris, with study and notes
Edited by Glenn E. Lipskey.
Note: the Chronicle itself begins at Book One.
(Reign of Alfonso VII of Spain, 1126 - 1157; tranlations, commentary, and apparatus)

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(Transcriptions & translations)

Part of The Avalon Project.
(1152-1157: English translation)

Diplomatic codices and narrative sources for Norman-Italian history.
Provided by Angelo Gambella.
(11th - 12th centuries, Italian transcriptions)

Digital archive of the Historical Archive of the City of Rome.
Provides access to digital resources for the history of Rome and the Lazio region from the 11th century onwards.
(11th - 20th centuries; facsimiles & descriptions, images and maps)

Excerpts from:
Enid McLeod, Héloïse, A Biography, (Chatto & Windus, London, 1938).
Hersart De La Villemarqué, Barzaz-Breiz: Chants Populaire de la Bretagne, Perrin & Cie, Libraires-Éditeurs, (Paris, 1923), including a scanned image of the sheet music.
(1101–1162, The life of Héloïse, abbess of the Oratory of the Paraclete: Traditional folksong; transcription and translation, English, French, and Breton; music)

Translated by Frederic L. Cheyette
(1173; Letter; Latin transcription with English translation)

Primary text sources illustrating medieval English urban life, selected and maintained by Stephen Alsford.
(12th to 15th centuries; English translations from the original Latin, Anglo-Norman French, or Middle English)

From the Aberdeen University Library.
(written around 1200; folio by folio translation and transcription)

(1220; English translation)
On St. Francis of Assissi and later Franciscans.
(1223 - present; Latin transcriptions and translations in various languages including English)

This letter illuminates the complex dynastic and political problems Llywelyn faced in the wake of William de Braose's execution.
(1230; facsimile, transcription and analysis)

Facsimile of only copy in Cambridge University Library.
(1230-1240; facsimile of original Latin)

A portion of the monograph, Jews in the Notarial Culture.
Edited by Robert I. Burns.
(1250-1350; transcriptions)

Digitised urban landscapes of a group of ‘new towns’ in Britain established in the reign of King Edward I.
The project looks at thirteen towns in detail:
England: Winchelsea
Wales: Aberystwyth, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Caerwys, Conwy, Cricieth, Flint, Harlech, Holt, Newborough, Overton, and Rhuddlan.
(1277-1303; interactive online maps)

Clarifying ecclesiastical land ownership.
Part of The Avalon Project.
(15 November 1289; English translation)

Complete facsimile of the Codex Palatinus Germanicus 848
From the Heidelberg University Library, a famous and well-preserved collection of medieval German literature.
(1305-1340; German facsimiles)

Der Sachsenspiegel

A set of historical and legal documents (land and fiefdom rights) from Saxony and the vicinity.
(Early 14th century; German facsimiles)

Part of The Avalon Project.
(1356: English translation)

From the Bibliothèque Nationale.
(1318-1380; photo facsimiles of manuscripts)

Late medieval illustrated manuscripts preserved in the Heidelberg university library.
(German facsimiles)

Excerpts from an 1805 translation by Thomas Johnes.
Edited by Steve Muhlenberger of Nipissing University (Canada).
(14th century; English translations)
Excerpted accounts of the Hundred Years' War.
Translated by John Bourchier, Lord Berners.
(1369-1410; English translations)

See also details for reading Froissart's Chronicles on the web in the original French or in modern French translation.

Faits d'armes (Deeds of Arms)

Edited by Steve Muhlenberger of Nipissing University (Canada).
(14th and early 15th centuries; transcriptions from Scots English, Middle English, Middle French and Latin; also English translations)

A virtual page-turner of the greatest British illuminated manuscript of the late Middle Ages.
Digitised by the British Library in its series Turning the Pages;
This requires the most recent version of Adobe Shockwave software.
(1400-1407; facsimiles and audio files)

(ca. 1412-1416; photo facsimiles from the calendar section)

Translations of Catalonian maritime documents, with related notes.
Translated and edited by Stanley S. Jados.
From the Library of Iberian Resources Online.
(1435; tranlations and commentary)

King René of Anjou's tournament guidelines.
(1460; Middle French transcription and English translation)

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(Translations & transcriptions)

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(Translations & transcriptions)

Texts documenting the witch hunts in early modern Europe.
(15th - 17th centuries; transcriptions)

Links to a "Book of Days" and to "Popular Medieval English & Scottish Ballads".
Each ballad transcription appends a synopsis with a historical background.
(Transcriptions and commentary)

Project by Fordham University.
(Translations and transcriptions)

A growing database of printed source collections with primary and secondary books in the areas of medieval and modern thought.
Content drawn from the Stanford libraries and other cooperating institutions.
(Facsimiles of books; requires free download and upgrade of Ebrary reader)

(9th to 16th centuries; facsimiles)

Facsimiles of German-language medieval manuscripts.
Organized by locations of manuscripts.

Portal to a database with uniform descriptions and photographs of medieval manuscripts in the Netherlands.
See especially Manuscripts.
(Translations, transcriptions and photo facsimiles)
Medieval documents reproduced on the Ministry of Culture's Archim imagebank.
(7th to 16th centuries; photo facsimiles)

An ongoing consortial database of the complete medieval and Renaissance manuscript holdings of many libraries, with high resolution sample imaging from each manuscript.
(Database of images, transcriptions, and descriptions)
A collection of digital images of Medieval manuscripts.
(Facsimiles and transcriptions)
Interactive website exploring the lives of women in the Medieval time period.
See especially Scriptorium for complete text, music, and images.
(Images & English translations of selected texts)
From the Avalon Project.
(Translations and transcriptions)
With historical chronicles as well as literary works.
(English translations)
Includes the Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) and translated documents.

Digital library of the humanistic Respublica Litterarum.
(16th - 19th centuries; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)
On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies.
(Transcriptions and translations)

Online medieval documents relating to the history of Regensburg.
(German and Latin facsimiles and transcriptions)
Note: Many of the documents are not yet available to the general public, but only samples can be accessed.

Includes an historical overview of the Florentine electoral system and related resources.
(1282-1532; searchable database at Brown University)

(1348-1530; translated narratives & government records)

(1427-1429; searchable datasets at Brown University)
(1427-1429, 1458, 1480 [Florence]; 1425 & 1502 [Verona]; searchable datasets at the University of Wisconsin)

Contemporary correspondence of a wealthy family of English wool merchants.
Courtesy of The Richard III Society.
(1475-1488; transcriptions)

Featuring synoptic texts and critical apparatus of the young polymath's work.
A joint project of Brown University and the University of Bologna.
(1486-1496; Latin-Italian and Latin-English transcriptions and apparatus, and facsimiles)

Medici Archives: Parts I & II

Digitized early Medici archives of the Archivio di Stato di Firenze.
NOTE: requires gratis registration to enter website.
(14th century - 1537; facsimiles)
Digitization project of the Medici Granducal Archives.
Also strongly documents Tuscan Jewish history and the history of textiles and clothing.
Requires free registration to access archives.
(1537-1743; transcriptions & translations)

Renaissance Diplomatic Documents.
See especially Digitized Documents.
(ca.1450-1500; photographic facsimiles)

Quote from exhibit:
"This early book of sailing directions served as a handy guide for the sailor and a storehouse of practical information for laymen. The use of the hand and zodiac for information was considered vital to the 15th century Mediterranean navigator."
(1499; facsimile)

Source materials about the war between Swabia and Switzerland in 1499.
From the University of Freiburg.
(1499-1550: German and Latin transcriptions)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(English transcriptions)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(16th - 17th centuries; transcriptions)

The correspondence of William of Orange. Over 12,000 digitized letters.
Accessible by browsing or by advanced search protocols
(1551-1584, facsimiles of letters in various languages, mostly Dutch and French)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(15th - 18th centuries; transcriptions)

Primary source material collections online for early modern history.
(1500-1800; transcriptions in numerous languages, mostly German)

Bielefeld [u.a.]: Velhagen & Klasing 1886.
Historical atlas digitized by Monumenta Germaniae Historica.
(Tribal migrations through 18h century; facsimile maps with commentary, mainly of Germany and Europe)
Historical and geographical maps of Europe over the last two thousand years.
See especially Antique Maps.
(1 AD - present; facsimiles from 13th to 19th centuries)
Digitized maps, indexes of paper maps, monographs, etc.
Search maps by year or by city.
(15th to 19th centuries; facsimiles)
Easy to search for maps from specific regions on the interactive map.
See specifically the Historic Europe maps.
Thousands of historically important maps, browsable by author, date, place, and collection.
(15th - 21st centuries; facsimile maps)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles, and commentaries; English)

Access to images and descriptions from various history of science museums via handlist or catalogue.
Mostly object documentation, rather than the traditional document.
(Photographs and descriptions)

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