History of San Marino: Primary Documents

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Lays out rights of Catalonia, including modern day San Marino.
(1495; partial Latin facsimiles)
First constitution of San Marino.
(October 8, 1600, Latin)
Document about a legal dispute in San Marino. Important early evidence of Sammarinese statehood.
Detailed description of the contents.
(Italian; 885)

National anthem of San Marino. Adopted in 1984.
(Italian with English translation; 1984)
Part of modern constitution of San Marino. Last amended July 8, 2002.
(July 12, 1974; English translation)

A compilation of digitization projects in the Digital Public Library of America.
List of modern treaties ratified by San Marino.
International treaties of San Marino, provided by the government of San Marino.
Statutes, criminal and civil codes, and other legal materials.
A portal of the BYU Law School.
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal, and government documents.
Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

EuroDocs > History of San Marino: Primary Documents

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