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Commentary and images on ancient sites in Britain and Ireland.
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(Facsimiles & commentary)

Entire run of the society's proceedings, monographs, and Archaeologia Scotica.
(1792 to the present; facsimiles)

Five principal sections that include primary documents online:
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and France.
Created by the UK Public Record Office.
(1066-1603; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Treaty signed by Magnus VI with Scotland. Norway cedes Isle of Man and the Hebrides to Scotland.
(Latin with English translation; July 2, 1266)

Includes three major documents from Scottish history:
The Lübeck Letter
Ayr Manuscript
Declaration of Arbroath
(1286-1329; facsimiles, transcriptions, translations, and commentary)

Scotland's declaration of independence.
(6 April 1320; Latin transcriptions and English translation)

Database containing the proceedings of the Scottish parliament from the first surviving act of 1235 to the union of 1707.
(1235-1707; manuscripts and translations)

Faits d'armes (Deeds of Arms)

Edited by Steve Muhlenberger of Nipissing University (Canada).
(14th to early 15th centuries; transcriptions and English translations)

Includes calendars, newspapers, government documents, journals, and other sources from the 32 historic counties of Scotland.
From British History Online.
(12th to 19th centuries; transcriptions and facsimiles)

Published as two volumes in 1845.
Provided by Google Books.
(1558-1576; text-searchable facsimiles with updated English transcriptions)

George Buchanan's Dialogue on the Law of Kingship among the Scots.
(1579; Latin with English translation)

Searchable database of wills and testaments also provides full transcripts of the originals and some facsimiles.
Includes auxiliary helps such as guides to handwriting and to Scottish occupations.
Note: requires free registration to access records.
(1500-1901; facsimiles and transcripts)

Influential Quaker text by Robert Barclay.
(1678; English)

Documents provided by The Jacobite Heritage.
(1689; transcriptions with modernised spelling)

Act establishing Presbyterianism as state church in Scotland.
(1690; English)

Treatise by Scottish thinker John Law.
(1705; English)

Defense of religious dissidents by Andrew Clarkson.
(1731; English)

Written by philosopher Francis Hutcheson, a participant in the Scottish Enlightenment.
(1727; English)

From Writs of Removal to individual diary entries.
Browse by parish, people, ports, destinations, or articles.
(1790-1845; facsimiles)

A searchable journal featured in the Internet Library of Early Journals.
(1843-1863; facsimiles)

Good source for those studying the social impact of industrialization.
(1791-1845; facsimiles and maps)

Records of 21,000 passengers to non-European ports.
Those emigrating from Glasgow and Greenock are limited to the first four months of 1923.
(1890-1960; datasets)

Official documentation available by sections, parts, provisions, schedules, and amendments.
See also the Scotland Act 2012 for most updated revisions.
(1998; transcriptions)
Marks 10 years of greater autonomy for Scotland through the process of devolution.
The BBC presents a repository of original reporting and commentary on the topic.
(1999-2009; blog, audio-video clips, legislation guide)

Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal, and government documents.

A project of the Edinburgh University Library.
(1550-1740; facsimiles)

First English treatise on economics by James Steuart.
(1767; English)

Important essay of the Scottish Enlightenment by Adam Ferguson.
(1767; English)

Most influential work of Adam Smith.
(1776; English)

Resources provided by the National Library of Scotland.
A project of the National Library of Scotland.
(1558-1932; facsimiles)

Collection of historical maps of Scotland.

Project aims to provide a geographically representative photograph for every square kilometer of the British Isles.
(Photographic facsimiles from a searchable map)

Searchable by ordnance survey map.
Courtesy of Castles in the UK.
(Maps and photo facsimiles)

Database of Scottish films and clips.

Collection of documents on Scotland.

Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

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