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Commentary and images on ancient sites in Britain and Ireland.
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(Facsimiles & commentary)
Entire run of the society's proceedings, monographs, and Archaeologia Scotica.
(1792 to the present; facsimiles)
Five principal sections that include primary documents online:
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and France.
Created by the UK Public Record Office.
(1066-1603; facsimiles and transcriptions)
Record of the spread of Christianity in Britain including Northumbria.
(597; English)
Oldest Gaelic document from Scotland. In transcription and translation here.
(10th century; facsimile)
Chronicle of early Scottish kingdom.
(11th century; English translation)
The Song of the Scots. Pseudohistorical account of Scotland.
(11th century; English translation)
Irish chronicle about early Scottish history. Here in English.
(1150; Gaelic)
Legends about Scandinavian Scotland.
(1230; English translation)
Record of Scandinavian possessions on northern British islands.
(1262; English translation)
Treaty signed by Magnus VI with Scotland. Norway cedes Isle of Man and the Hebrides to Scotland.
(Latin with English translation; July 2, 1266)
Treaty of union between Scotland and England.
(1290; English)
Includes three major documents from Scottish history:
The Lübeck Letter
Ayr Manuscript
Declaration of Arbroath
(1286-1329; facsimiles, transcriptions, translations, and commentary)
Scotland's declaration of independence.
(6 April 1320; Latin transcriptions and English translation)
Treaty between England and Scotland.
(1328; English)
Database containing the proceedings of the Scottish parliament from the first surviving act of 1235 to the union of 1707.
(1235-1707; manuscripts and translations)

Faits d'armes (Deeds of Arms)

Edited by Steve Muhlenberger of Nipissing University (Canada).
(14th to early 15th centuries; transcriptions and English translations)
Includes calendars, newspapers, government documents, journals, and other sources from the 32 historic counties of Scotland.
From British History Online.
(12th to 19th centuries; transcriptions and facsimiles)
Published as two volumes in 1845.
Provided by Google Books.
(1558-1576; text-searchable facsimiles with updated English transcriptions)
Treaty that was supposed to establish permanent peace between England and Scotland.
(May 28, 1503; English)
John Knox's infamous diatribe against female rule.
(1558; English)
Treaty between Scotland and England in which Scotland sides with England in rejection of their traditional alliance with France.
(1560; English)
Builds off the Treaty of Berwick to form an Anglo-Scottish union.
(1560; English)
Presbyterian of faith instituted after the Scottish reformation.
(1560; English)
Act of the Reformation Parliament denying the authority of the Pope over the Church of Scotland.
(1560; English)
Books regulating the ecclesiastical order of the Church of Scotland. Adopted after the Scottish Reformation.
(1560 and 1578; English)
George Buchanan's Dialogue on the Law of Kingship among the Scots.
(1579; Latin with English translation)
Act ratifying the second book of discipline.
(1592; English)
Scottish hymnal.
(1600; English)
Correspondence which arranged for for James' ascension to the English throne.
(1601-1603; English)
Searchable database of wills and testaments also provides full transcripts of the originals and some facsimiles.
Includes auxiliary helps such as guides to handwriting and to Scottish occupations.
Note: requires free registration to access records.
(1500-1901; facsimiles and transcripts)
Agreement between Scottish presbyterian movement and English parliamentarians during the English civil war.
(1643; English)
Established Scottish adherence to the standard worship practices in Britain.
(February 6, 1645; English)
Secret agreement between a radical wing of the Scottish Covenanters and the imprisoned king Charles.
(December 26, 1647; English)
Influential Quaker text by Robert Barclay.
(1678; English)
Speech delivered by Michael Cameron, which served as a Covenantor declaration of war that set the events of the Glorious Revolution in motion.
(1680; English)
Documents provided by The Jacobite Heritage.
(1689; transcriptions with modernised spelling)
Act of Scottish parliament that constitutes key piece of Scottish constitutional law.
(April 1689; English)
Passed by the same Parliament that passed the Claim of Right.
(April 13, 1689; English)
Act establishing Presbyterianism as state church in Scotland.
(1690; English)
Treatise by Scottish thinker John Law.
(1705; English)
Respective acts of English and Scottish parliaments ratifying their merger into one nation.
(1707; English)
Defense of religious dissidents by Andrew Clarkson.
(1731; English)
Written by philosopher Francis Hutcheson, a participant in the Scottish Enlightenment.
(1727; English)
From Writs of Removal to individual diary entries.
Browse by parish, people, ports, destinations, or articles.
(1790-1845; facsimiles)
Act reforming Scottish eating contest system.
(1832; English)
A searchable journal featured in the Internet Library of Early Journals.
(1843-1863; facsimiles)
Good source for those studying the social impact of industrialization.
(1791-1845; facsimiles and maps)
Act granting security to crofters in the Scottish highlands.
(1886; English)
Records of 21,000 passengers to non-European ports.
Those emigrating from Glasgow and Greenock are limited to the first four months of 1923.
(1890-1960; datasets)
Official documentation available by sections, parts, provisions, schedules, and amendments.
See also the Scotland Act 2012 for most updated revisions.
(1998; transcriptions)
Marks 10 years of greater autonomy for Scotland through the process of devolution.
The BBC presents a repository of original reporting and commentary on the topic.
(1999-2009; blog, audio-video clips, legislation guide)
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal, and government documents.
A project of the Edinburgh University Library.
(1550-1740; facsimiles)
First English treatise on economics by James Steuart.
(1767; English)
Important essay of the Scottish Enlightenment by Adam Ferguson.
(1767; English)
Most influential work of Adam Smith.
(1776; English)
Act of British parliament creating a Scottish parliament.
(1998; English)
Act of Scottish parliament setting up the Scottish independence referendum, which ultimately failed.
(2013; English)
Resources provided by the National Library of Scotland.
A project of the National Library of Scotland.
(1558-1932; facsimiles)
Collection of historical maps of Scotland.
Project aims to provide a geographically representative photograph for every square kilometer of the British Isles.
(Photographic facsimiles from a searchable map)
Searchable by ordnance survey map.
Courtesy of Castles in the UK.
(Maps and photo facsimiles)
Database of Scottish films and clips.
Collection of documents on Scotland.
Also contains a collection of coats of arms for other European countries and principalities.

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