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Includes the Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) and translated documents.


1908 translation by S.P. Scott of Forum judicum.
Visigothic laws towards Spanish Jews (Book XII) anticipated the much later inquisition.
(7th century; English translations)

Medieval persian text describing a the known world. Title means "The Limits of The World."
(982; English translation)

Collection of several important medieval texts.
(Late 10th century; facsimiles)

From Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley
(1031-1555; facsimiles)

Documents on the history of Portugal and Spain, including testaments and marriage licenses of the royal families.
(12th-17th centuries; Portuguese and Spanish facsimiles)

Excerpts from three letters of Alfonso VII that demonstrate property relations in Toledo.
(1101, 1118, 1137; Russian translation)
Translation of the Chronica Adefonsi imperatoris, with study and notes
Edited by Glenn E. Lipskey.
-- Note: the Chronicle itself begins at Book One.
(Reign of Alfonso VII of Spain, 1126 - 1157; translations, commentary, and apparatus)
(1146; Russian translation)

Translation of the Libre dels feyts esdevenguts en la vida del molt alt senyor En Jacme, lo Conqueridor with index and notes.
Translated by John Forster.
(Reign of James I of Spain, 1214-1276; translations, commentary, and apparatus)
(24 November 1224; Russian translation)

Alfonso VIII gives an account of a battle.
(July 1212; Russian translation)

(1217-1236; Russian translation)

Unpublished documents, a portion of the monograph Jews in the Notarial Culture], edited by Robert I. Burns.
(1250 - 1350; transcriptions)

The Seven Partidas given by Alfonso X el Sabio.
(26 June 1256 - 28 August 1265; English translation)

Important legal code by Alfonso X of Castile.
(1263; English translation)

Historical document collection of Spanish laws searchable through a database or Thesaurus.
(13th - 19th centuries; facsimiles and descriptions)

Links to various collections of manuscripts from the Bibliotheca Carolina (8th and 9th centuries), the Library of Charles V and Family (14th century) and the Library of the Aragonese Kings of Naples (15th and 16th centuries).
Browse the manuscripts.
(8th-16th centuries; facsimiles, English interface)

Seven laws of torture by Nicholas Eymeric.
(14th century; Russian translation)

(1370; Russian translation)

Translations of Catalonian maritime documents, with related notes
Translated and edited by Stanley S. Jados.
(1435; translations and commentary)

Declared that all Jewish people in Spain must convert or leave, regardless of wealth.
(1492; English translation)

(4 September 1479; English translation)
The Treaty of Tordesilhas, dividing the colonizable world between Spain and Portugal
Presented by the Portuguese Biblioteca Nacional
(7 June 1494; synoptic facsimiles and transcriptions)

A bilingual digital library site with documentation of interactions between Spain and North America
from the 15th to the 19th centuries.
A cooperative project of the Biblioteca Nacional de España, the Biblioteca Colombina y Capitular of Seville,
and the Library of Congress.
(15th - 19th centuries; facsimiles of books, maps, prints, photographs, manuscripts, and other documents)
(Translations and transcriptions).
by Ferdinand and Isabella
(1492; English translation)
(1494?; translation).
(May 4, 1493; Translation)
Christopher Columbus describes the new lands he has discovered.
(November 20, 1493; manuscript)
(1492; Translation)
Describing his first voyage across the Atlantic.
(1493: Latin and English translations)

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