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(8th century - 1831; Russian facsimiles)
Collection of Russian Literature.
Various decrees, letters, accounts, and other documents relating to Austria-Russia union.
(1759-1887; Russian translations and transcriptions)
Battle plans, discussion of troops and weapons, personal letters from generals to empress.
(1784-1800; modern Russian translation)
Orders and letters of the emporer.
(1796-1801; commentaries, transcription in modern Russian)
Forbade peasant labor on Sundays.
(5 April 1797; Russian facsimile and transcription)
Conditions for turning over the throne.
(April 5, 1797; Russian transcription)
(June 30, 1797; Russian transcription)
Maps of Napoleonic war, Crimean war, Russo-Turkish war, and Russo-Japanese war.
(1799-1904; commentaries, maps, facsimiles in Russian)
Military actions, marches, and orders regarding Circassian people.
(1800-1914; Russian transcription)
Russian publications provided by the University of Illinois. Divided into categories:
(English, Russian)
Letters, orders of Emperor, manifestos, treaties, and other documents regarding international relations of Russian Empire.
(1800-1809; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
(1801; images, modern Russian transcription)
Article incorporates quotes from pertinent documents, testimonies, and memoirs about the murder of Paul I.
(1801; commentaries, modern Russian transcription)
Articles discuss conditions of release of peasants and rights of both peasants and landlords.
(1803; Russian transcription)
Includes photo facsimiles of treaty.
(14 May 1805; Russian facsimiles; English translation)
Economic, political, ethnographical discussion of Kamchatka .
(1806-1807; Russian commentaries and transcription)
(January 26-27, 1807; Russian transcription)
Description of capture of Anapa fortress in Russian-Turkish war of 1806-1812.
(May 11, 1807; image, Russian transcription)
Speranskiy wrote this because of the order of Aleksandr I.
(1808; Russian transcription)
Treaty between Sweden and Russia.
(September 17, 1809; French)
Treaty ending war between Britain and Russia.
(August 17, 1812; English)
Documents discuss Russian relations with Napolean before war and at beginning of war.
(1808-1812; Russian transcription)
Letters, orders of Emperor, manifestos, treaties, and other documents regarding international relations of Russian Empire.
(1810-1819; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
Order outlining the establishment of the state council in Russian Empire.
(January 1, 1810; facsimile, transcription in Russian)
Online archive about the Russian war against Napoleon. Divided into sections:
(18th and 19th centuries; Russian)
Structure of Russian Army, list of its members.
(1812; Russian transcription)
Manifestos, orders, and military correspondence.
(1812 - 1813; Russian transcription)
(1812 - 1813; Russian transcription)
Document includes quotes from memoirs of Moscow occupation and exit.
(1812; image, Russian translation)
(1812; images)
(1812; Russian transcription)
(1813; images)
Treaty between Russia and Persia.
Lead to inclusion of modern Azerbaijan, Daghestan, and Eastern Georgia in Russian Empire.
(12 October 1813; Russian transcription)
Suggestions for taking Constantinople from Ottoman Empire.
(1815-1816; Russian transcription)
Detailed information about inspection.
(1819; commentaries, transcription in Russian)
Letters (both personal and political), memoirs, orders of Emperor, and documents of Decembrists and other social societies.
(1820-1829; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
Pavel Pestel's criticisms of government and proposals for division of government power.
(beginning of 19th century; commentaries, Russian)
Images of leaders of various sociopolitical movements.
(1820s - 1880s; images)
Political documents, letters and decrees.
(19th century; English translation)
(December 3, 1825; Russian facsimile)
Manifesto of Nikolai I as well as his personal letter to political figures describing Decembrist revolt.
(1825; Russian transcription)
Two depiction of factory where Decembrists were exiled.
(1826; image)
Orders and responsibilities for gendarmerie.
(1826-1827; French and Russian transcription)
Treaty in which Persia ceded control of territory in the Caucuses.
(February 21, 1828; Russian)
Site contains a document from the Russo-Turkish war: orders and reports of the captain and awards to the officers of brig Mercury.
(May 18, 1829; images, transcription in Russian)
Turkish document describes bravery of Mercury captain and crew in Russo-Turkish war.
(May 27, 1829; Russian transcription)
National minority policies of the Emperor.
Letters (both personal and political).
(1830-1839; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
(1830-1839; Russian facsimiles)
Book offering an inside view of Tobol'sk, considered the founding city of Siberia.
(1830; Book facsimile)
National anthem of the Russian Empire. Adopted in 1833 until 1917.
(Russian with English translation; 1833)

Album of 32 original watercolors depicting scenes of everyday life and various historical themes in Tobol'sk Province.
(19th century; facsimile paintings)
Digital collection of rare books, maps and manuscripts from the exploration of Siberia and the North Pole region.
From the Asch-collection of Goettingen State and University Library.
Browse the collections.
Documents an 1837 expedition through southeast Europe and the southern Russian Empire.
Information on geography, history, archaeology, and people and cultures of the region.
(1837; French facsimile)
Documents discuss immigration of Orthodox people from Turkish lands to the Russian Empire.
(1837- 1838; commentaries, transcription in Russian)
Observations of Circassian people and culture.
(1837; English facsimile)
  • Journal of a Circassian residence, 1837-1839
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Published 1840. Letters accounting stay in Circassia.
(1837-1839; English facsimiles)
(1840-1849; Russian facsimiles)
National minority policies of the Emperor.
Letters (both personal and political).
(1840-1849; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
Letters of the revolutionist-anarchist.
(1849-1861; Russian transcription)
Declaration in which Czar Alexander II freed the serfs of Russia. Also available in Russian.
(English translation; 1861)
Primary source posters of Russian cultural, social and political history.
Russian interface; also available in German.
(1850-2004; images)
Transcaucasian policies of Emperor.
Manifestos and international treaties.
Letters (both personal and political).
(1850-1859; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
(1850s - 1870s; images)
Agreement between Austria, France, Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, Sardinia, and Turkey about peace, borders, war prisoners, and trade between countries.
Includes agreements about Black Sea and Danube use as well as territorial changes.
(March 30, 1856; modern Russian transcription)
Petition of Tolstoy to Emperor for protection of old Russian monuments.
(August - September 1860; images, commentaries, translation in Russian)
Documents of social and political changes in Empire, cases of gendarmerie against regime, and letters (both personal and political).
(1860-1869; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
(1860-1869; Russian facsimiles)
Conditions of the sale, territories, and life of Alaskan inhabitants.
(June 20, 1867; Russian)
International treaties and documents regarding judicial system, military situation
(1870-1879; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
Programs, manifestos, proclamations, letters, and cases of revolutionary organizations.
(1870-1880; facsimiles, transcription in Russian)
Image of Optician’s shop in Saint Petersburg.
(1877; images)
Agreement between European powers on the partition of West Africa.
(February 26, 1885; English)
Information about beginning of the war.
(April 12, 1877; image, commentaries, transcription in Russian)
(1877-1878; images, facsimiles, commentaries, transcription in Russian)
Book contains information about Russian-Turkish war and Russian army.
(1877- 1907; transcription in Russian)
Information about political situation in Russian Empire.
(1877-1917; commentaries, transcription in Russian)
(June, 1879; image, transcription in Russian)
Documents of investigation, interrogation, and testimony of anti regime movements.
International treaties.
(1880-1889; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
Document says that Narodnaya Volya members will continue to act against the Emperor until they reach their goal.
(February 7, 1880; image, transcription in Russian)
Newspaper article published after the execution.
(November 5, 1880; commentaries, image, transcription in Russian)
Conditions for Russian people in the Iliyskiy District, which goes under Chinese government rule.
(February 24, 1881; transcription in Russian)
Discusses murder of Alexander II in March 1881.
(March 1, 1881; image, commentaries, transcription in Russian)
Narodnaya Voyla's requirements and ultimatym for Alexanders III's governance of Russia.
(March 10, 1881; image, commentaries, transcription in Russian)
(1897; Russian)
Treaties, policies, political party programs, manifestos, letters, and ambassadors' messages.
(1890-1899; commentaries, images, transcription in Russian)
Illustrated guide of the Great Siberian Railway. Includes history of Siberia, information about construction of the railroad, and a list of cities and towns along the route.
(Late 19th - early 20th centuries; Book facsimile)
Documents, testimonies, and maps from the construction.
(1891-1916; Russian facsimiles)
Original pictures from the construction.
(1891-1916; commentaries, facsimiles in Russian)
(1894; images)
(1894-1899; Russian transcription)
Manifesto of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Removes local legislation from Grand Duchy of Finland.
(15 February 1899; English translation)
(1899-1905; Russian transcription)
Letters, orders, manifestos, and court cases from the period.
(1900-1910; Russian transcription)
Letters and other various documents from 20th century Russia.
(20th century; Russian transcriptions)
Responsibilities of employers and rights of workers.
(June 2, 1903; Russian transcription)
(February 1904 - September 1905; English translations)
(February 1904 - September 1905; Russian transcriptions)
Czar Nicholas' response to attempted revolution.
(August 19, 1905; English translation)
Declaration made by former members of disbanded First State Duma.
(July 22, 1906; Russian)

Includes migration statistics and translation of the decree.
(9 November 1906; English translation)

Agreement between England and Russia about Persia.
(1907; English transcription)

Written by Boris Savinkov, memoirs discuss terrorist actions in Europe.
(1902-1909; Russian transcription)
Video of sea battle.
(1904-1905; Russian facsimiles)
Testimony of worker about the demonstration.
(January 22, 1905; Russian facsimile)
Manifesto includes new social changes. English translation available here.
(October 17, 1905; Russian facsimile)
Color photographic surveys of the vast Russian Empire.
Digitized from the Library of Congress
"Frequent subjects among the 2,607 distinct images include people, religious architecture, historic sites, industry and agriculture, public works construction, scenes along water and railway transportation routes, and views of villages and cities."
(1905-1915; searchable database of facsimiles)
Collection of illustrated journals from the early twentieth century.
(1904-1917; Russian facsimiles)
The Eastern European Collection brings together, in digital form, primary and secondary materials relating to the study of this region including its history, literature, language, political science and more.
Search the full text or browse the collection.
(19th - 20th centuries; Book and journal facsimiles)
Consolidating Russian control.
Also available in French.
(30 June 1910; English translation)
(1912; images)
"The Rainbow Book:" German White Book, Austro-Hungarian Red Book, English Blue Book, French Yellow Book, Russian Orange Book, Serbian Blue Book and Belgian Grey Book: The Negotiations Leading to War.
Ed. Max Beer (Bern: Wyss, 1915)
A chronological combination of significant documents from the diplomatic archives of the various belligerent countries.
(29 June - 4 September 1914; facsimile of 2nd edition)
Video of battles and Russian Army troop images.
(1914-1916; Russian facsimiles)
(1 August 1914-November 1918; images, Russian facsimiles)
Documents events from before Sarajevo until after Versailles.
(pre-1914 - post-1918; translations and transcriptions)
Expansive resource.
Treaties, orders, and other World War I documents.
(1914-1918; images, commentaries, transcription in Russian)
A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1914-1918; transcriptions and translations)
(1916; Russian facsimile)
Photos of the family and their servants.
(1916; commentaries, facsimile in Russian)
Testimony of General Denikin regarding Brusilov (Lutsk) Offensive in World War I.
(1916; image, transcription in Russian)
(1916; image, facsimile in Russian)
(February-October 1917; Russian transcription)
Discusses inability to suppress uprising.
(March 1, 1917; Russian facsimile)
Discusses inability to suppress uprising.
(March 1, 1917; Russian facsimile)
(March 2, 1917; Russian facsimile)
(March 3, 1917; Russian facsimile)
Signed by Russian officials following the abdication of Nicholas II.
Also available in Russian.
(20 March 1917; English translation)
(1917; images)
(May 1917; images)

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