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Gateway to the institute's digital collection, artifacts documenting German-speaking Jewry in the modern era.
Basic and advanced search capabilities, along with browse options.
(16th - 21st centuries; archival materials, memoirs and manuscripts, art and objects, books and periodicals, photographs, and audio recordings).
In cooperation with the Google Cultural Institute.
(1900-1959; facsimile images of documents]
Access to facsimiles of German-Jewish periodicals from the Enlightenment until the Third Reich.
Digitized by various German institutions with support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.
(18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries; facsimiles and some explanatory comments)
Complete Holocaust memorial books digitized by New York Public Library.
Around 700 postwar Yizkor books.
Links to documents, images, and films relating to the Holocaust.
Use navigation on left-hand side to browse offerings.
Includes Nazi propaganda gallery, SS Documents, and Wannsee Conference documents.
(1933-1945; images, German facsimiles, English interface)
The top secret minutes of the meeting held in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee
to find a "final solution" to the "Jewish Question."
(January 20, 1942; German transcription)
(January 20, 1942; English translation)
Including a PDF facsimile copy of the original Wannsee Protocol and more.
Anti-Jewish laws enacted during the Third Reich.
(1933 - 1941; German transcriptions )
Browse and Search here.
(1933-1945; Dutch interface)
Use right-hand menu to navigate through related documents and images from Nazi death camps in Poland.
(1933-1945; English interface, German facsimiles)
Selection of documents about the pre-war camps, drawn from various archives and libraries.
Browse the documents.
(1939-1939; facsimiles and translations)
Images and documents from the Harrison Fordman Collection.
Browse the collection or use the advanced search.
Project sponsored by the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries - Digital Collections.
Large repository of Holocaust-related documents.
(Transcriptions and translations)
Online transcripts from the Nizkor Project
(English-language transcriptions)
  • The Destruction of Hungarian Jewry: A Documentary Account
Volume One
Volume Two
A large collection of official and unofficial records and sources digitized by the Hathi Trust Digital Library.
(Facsimiles in German, Hungarian and English).
About the project.
Includes birth and death years, place of death.
(1940-1945; Dutch interface)
(1 December, 1941; English translation of German original)
(31 July 1941; English translation)
(English translation; 5 October 1942)
(English translation; 4 October 1943)
Personal oral testimonies of Jewish men and women who came to live in Britain.
Provided by the British Library.
(Transcriptions and audio files)
Oral testimonies, interview texts, profiles and biographies.
Interviews undertaken by David Boder in 1946.
Provided by the Illinois Institute of Technology.
(Transcriptions, translations and audio files)
Video testimonies of Holocaust survivors.
Provided by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
(Video files and transcriptions)
Video and audio testimonies of Holocaust survivors and witnesses.
Provided by the Yale University Library.
(Excerpts from video and audio [Quicktime & .au] files)
Documentation for an online exhibition of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
(1933-1945; documents, photographs, videos, objects)
From the archives of the BBC.
(1939-1945; audio and video files)
Includes facsimiles of visas, passports, a passenger manifest, and a typed-first hand account of one Jewish woman's escape from Nazi Germany to Reading, Pennsylvania.
(1939; English account)
Photos of a high-ranking Nazi at Auschwitz (Adjutant Karl Hoecker/Höcker)
On the website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
(1944-1945; 116 photographs, video documentary, podcast interview and commentary)
  • Seeing the Other Side: 60 Years after Buchenwald
Part I
Part II
Online documentary by Mona Weissmark with some psychological insights on hate, heroism, and reconciliation.
(15 minute video)
With detailed essays, interspersed with Sala Garncarz Kirschner's letters and other primary documents.
A project of New York Public Library.
(1939-1945; letters, images, summaries and essays)
German witnesses recall the Shoah, events leading up to it and consequences following it.
- from the main page, click on "Themen" and from there to "Holocaust."
(1930-1990; German-language video testimonies)
Digitized archives of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC).
Documenting the JDC's rescue and relief efforts during and after the Holocaust.
Especially useful for searching Holocaust survivor names.
(1940s - 1960s; photograph collections by country of emigration, searchable database of facsimile documents)
(Online documents, maps, facsimile images, chronologies)
From Hebrew University
(Facsimiles, transcriptions and English translations)
Collections of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and translations)
From A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust.
(English translations)
A number of online, theme-oriented Shoah exhibitions.
From Yad Vashem and other museums in cooperation with the Google Cultural Institute.
(Photographs, facsimile images of documents and other]
Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)
Shoah and Holocaust Site in German with documents and commentary
(German transcriptions)
Archival and contemporary Holocaust-related photographs.
(20th century; photographs and commentaries)
Date-specific chronology of major events of the Holocaust, with links to over 150 photos and text.
A digitized copy of the list created by Oskar Schindler that saved around 800 Jewish workers.
Copy held in the State Library of New South Wales
(18 April 1945; scalable facsimiles)
Presented by the Library of Congress
(1945-1949; transcriptions and summaries in print)
Four major publications covering:
the official proceedings of the trial of the main war criminals (The Blue Series),
documentary evidence and guide materials from that trial (The Red Series),
the official condensed record of the subsequent trials (The Green Series),
and a final report on all the war crimes trials held in Nuremberg, Germany.
From the Nizkor Project
(Transcriptions and translations)
Documents from and about the proceedings as collected in the Avalon Project.
(Transcriptions and translations)
A searchable database of transcripts digitized by Harvard Law School
(German and English-language facsimiles, transcriptions, and translations)
In commemoration of the Doctor's Trial's fiftieth anniversary, the USHMM presents excerpts from the official trial record,with accompanying photographs.
German-language version of official documents and materials from the Nuremberg Trials.
(14 November 1945 - 1 October 1946; transcriptions)
Includes documents describing the goals of German politics at the time, and sentencing at the Nürnberg Proceedings.
(1937-1949; German transcriptions)
Documents from the personal archive of General William J. Donovan, special assistant to the U.S. chief of counsel during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.
Includes collection highlights, not the full collection.
A joint and ongoing project of the Cornell Law Library and the Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion.
(1945-46; facsimiles, transcriptions and commentaries)
Selected and prepared by the United Nations War Crimes Commission in 15 volumes (1947-1949)
Although situated in a gray area between primary documentation and commentary, these volumes provide handy summaries for proceedings of the Nuremberg and Tokyo International Military Tribunals.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and commentaries)
Searchable database of names and biographical details of Holocaust victims.
Includes advanced search option.
(1939-1945; English interface)
Searchable database titled "Righteous Among the Nations."
Options to search by rescuer or by the person rescued.
See here for Holocaust victim biographical data.
(1939-1945; English interface)
Photographs relating to the Holocaust, claims to be the largest collection of its kind in the world.
Searchable database.
(1939-1945; photographs, English interface)
Including testimonials and diaries
(1942-1945; transcriptions and commentary)
  • Foreign relations between Germany and the US
Documents from US State Department and University of Wisconsin-Madison.
US interest in relief and rescue of Jews and security detainees in Germany and German-occupied territory, 1945
(1945; English transcriptions)
(9 December 1948, transcription)
(Speech of 12 April 1999; English transcription)
Transcripts and judgement of the trial:
David Irving v. Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt.
A project of Emory University's Witness to the Holocaust Program
(2000; transcriptions, commentary and background)
Scores of online exhibitions on various subjects regarding the Holocaust.
Documents and images interspersed throughout the commentary.
(1933-1945; commentary, transcriptions, images and facsimiles)
Rules of conduct which were printed in every German soldier's paybook.
(English-language transcription)
Principal distinguishing badges worn by prisoners in Dachau concentration camp.
This NARA finding guide leads to primary and secondary documentation
including recently declassified information.
Forward and Executive Summary to the Preliminary Study
From the U.S. State Department.
(1939-present; transcriptions)
Includes documents and further links.
From the U.S. State Department.
(1939-present; transcriptions)

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