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Database has free access to facsimiles of numerous newspapers with transcriptions until 1864.
Ability to search only free material.
(1800-1864; Swedish facsimiles, transcriptions)
Excerpts from this important peace treaty between Great Britain and Sweden on one side and Denmark and Norway on the other.
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(1814; Swedish)
Website containing more than 200,000 pages of many different digitized newspapers.
(1700s-1900s; Facsimiles in Swedish)
Ranging from Runes and the Poetic Edda to the Christmas messages of King Carl Gustaf XVI.
Also available by thematic search.
(Mainly Swedish texts; transcriptions)
(Demographic source materials)
View by period
(1600-1878; Swedish facsimiles, page linking there)
De facto national anthem of Sweden. Not yet officially recognized.
(Swedish with English translation; 1844)
Treaty between France and the union of Sweden and Norway.
(December 17, 1855; English)
Agreement between European powers on the partition of West Africa.
(February 26, 1885; English)
A historical database of population in northern Sweden.
(1890; statistics).
Accounts of the toll which the king of Denmark levied on shipping through the Sound between Sweden and Denmark.
Important sources for research on economic and maritime trade history in Northern Europe.
(1497-1857; searchable datasets - registration may be required to view results)
(1565-1945; Swedish transcriptions)
A collection of contemporary documents and lists.
History of suffrage movement in Sweden. Photographs, advertisements and other documents.
(1919; Swedish)
Forward and Executive Summary to the Preliminary Study
From the U.S. State Department.
(1939-present; transcriptions)
Supplement to the above study.
(1939-present; transcriptions)
JDC collection of Jewish history and images in Stockholm from 1941 to 1967.
Part of the JDC archives.
(1941-1967; images, English interface)
  • Foreign relations between Sweden and the US
Documents from US State Department and University of Wisconsin-Madison.
US policy towards Scandinavia, 1955-1957
US policy towards Scandinavia, 1959-1960
(1945-1960; English transcriptions)
Swedish Constitution and the Parliamentary Act.
(With amendments through 1997; Swedish transcriptions)
Swedish Constitution and other acts
(1 January 1975 with amendments through 1989; English translations)
Documents of the Swedish parliament.
(Swedish language transcriptions)
Recent press releases from various Swedish ministries
(Swedish and English transcriptions)
Site for the Royal Family includes recent press releases.
(1998 to the present; Swedish transcriptions)
Swedish royal and regents, plus other historical persons:
Biographical and genealogical data.
Alphabetically searchable -- 35 generations, approx. 1700 persons--
(Tenth to twentieth centuries; transcriptions and images)
Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)
Photos of Gustaf Hallström (1880-1962) from early 20th century research trips.
Cultural history vignettes from northern Sweden and Norway.
Posted by the university library of Umeå.
(1907-1926; Photo facsimiles and diary transcriptions).
Treaty and other documents pertaining to the inclusion of Sweden in the EU. Part of Eur-Lex, a service of the European Union.
(1994; English)
A demographic database unifying archival holdings in national and regional archives.
Folk censuses, parish registers, and other vital statistics.
(17th-20th centuries; searchable vital statistics in Swedish)
Demographic Database of Southern Sweden.
A searchable compendium of vital statistics.
-- For a limited number of counties --
Also available with an English-language interface.
(17th-19th centuries; searchable vital statistics)
A growing source for photos of historical sites in Sweden, searchable by area, type of site, and age of site.
(Prehistoric to present; photos)
Accumulated numbers from the Swedish Central Bureau for Statistics.

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