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Flag of the United Kingdom
taken from the Parker Chronicle
(832-900; Old English transcription)

(post-1066; modern English translation)

including commentary on the questionable authenticity of the papal bull.
(1155; modern English translation).
Proclamation of Henry II of England.
(1164; modern English translation)
(1189: modern English translation)

Courtesy of the British Library
(1215; facsimile & English translation from original Latin)
From the Avalon Project
including definitions and index
(1215; modern English translation from original Latin)

Digitized by the Harvard Law School Library
(1220-1250; English & Latin transcriptions)

Proclamation of Edward I of England, reaffirming previous charters and assizes.
(1297; English transcription)
(Transcriptions and translations)

Scotland's declaration of independence
(1320; original Latin plus an English-language translation).

Searchable database containing the proceedings of the Scottish parliament from the first surviving act of 1235 to the union of 1707.
(1235-1707; manuscripts and translations)

(1351; modern English translation)

Fully searchable transcripts of over 100,000 criminal trials
held in London's central criminal court.
A joint project of the University of Sheffield and the University of Hertfordshire.
(1674-1834, facsimiles & transcriptions with background essays)

A part of the University of Missouri Library's Digital Library.
(17th-19th centuries; full-text searchable database of facsimiles)

King George III's reaction to the American colonists.
(English transcription; 23 August 1775)

With first-person accounts and commentary.

Provincial historical documents regarding English and French interests.
Digitised by the National Library of Canada.
(19th and 20th centuries; transcriptions).
Constitutional documents, treaties, and other primary sources regarding English and French interests in Canada.
(1760 to the present; transcriptions).

between the United States and Britain.
(1815; English transcription).

Spoken before the House of Commons.
(4 February 1836; English transcription)

by Helen Taylor.
(1867; English transcription)

Speech to the House of Commons about banking.
(December 1913; English transcription).

Britannia Internet Magazine collection of significant charters, histories, chronicles, accounts, laws and summonses.
(English transcriptions)

Historical documentation displayed by various themes and date ranges.
(Facsimiles, transcriptions and images).
Searchable and browseable access to Cabinet papers from 1915-1977.
(1915-1977; facsimiles, commentary, images, maps)

A chronological-textual guide to English law.
(English transcriptions)</center>

Selected links on the web, mostly primary documents.
(English transcriptions)

Since the United Kingdom has no written constitution, an explanation of the legal system is given.
Free access to legal decisions, legislation, and other legal materials.
(1996 - present; transcriptions)
Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal and government documents.

This database contains the full texts of legislation from the parliaments of:
England (1215 - 1706),
pre-UK parliaments (1424-1707),
Ireland (1495-1800),
Great Britain (1707-1800),
United Kingdom (1801-1900), along with the full text of unconsolidated UK statutes from 1988 to the present.
(1215 to the present; searchable database of transcriptions)
Full text of Public Acts and Local Acts as originally passed by Parliament
(1988-present; English transcriptions).

Online access to the texts of thousands of documents relating to the politics of Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of the UK from 1979 to 1990.
View speeches, interviews & other statements, browse the archive or see multimedia.
(20th century; facsimiles, transcriptions, images, audio and video)

Digital version of the Hansard, the official printed transcripts of the debates that took place in the British Parliament from the 19th century onwards.
Search by keyword or browse by volume, just the Lords Sittings, Commons Sittings or Westminster Hall Sittings.
(1803-2005; transcriptions)
(1996 - present; English transcriptions).
Includes search capabilities by political party, event, or speaker
"... not an official parliamentary site of the Houses of Parliament" (Current; video).

Large selection of documents from The Stationery Office, Parliament and elsewhere.
(1993 - present; English transcriptions).

Transcripts of the BDOHP interviews of former diplomats and other officials who have been significantly involved in international relations.
(Scroll down page to view transcripts, listed alphabetically)
The original material is conserved at the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge.
(20th century; transcripts)

Subject index and abstracts of British official publications, some available in full-text format.
(1688 to the present; English transcriptions)
On the Death of Princess Diana and on the Opening of Parliament.
(1997 - present; transcripts)

(1998; transcription)
(1998; transcription)

Official documentation available by sections, parts, provisions, schedules and amendments.
(1998; transcripts)

Including the handy UK At A Glance

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