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Excerpts from letters, diaries, edicts, and other documents of the French Revolution.
(1789-1796; French transcriptions)
Documenting aftereffects of the Revolution on the Chroniques de France website.
(French transcriptions)
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A collection of over 520 pamphlets from the French Revolution.
From Ball State University
(1779-1815; searchable database of French-language facsimiles)
89 literary and satirical pamphlets held at Emory University.
(1789-1799; facsimiles and transcriptions)
Documents of the Revolution from the Ministry of Culture's Archim imagebank.
(1789-1802; photo facsimiles)
With over 600 documents.
A joint project of George Mason University and City University of New York.
(1789-1796 plus precursor and aftermath events; translations, image facsimiles, maps & timeline)
Documents from the French Revolution.
(English-language transcriptions and images)
A project of the Center for History & New Media, George Mason University
and the Department of History, University of California, Los Angeles for the American Historical Review.
(1789-1793; facsimile images and essays)
Part of the Carlyle Letters Online assembled by Duke University Press.
(1812-1857; database of searchable transcriptions)

Order of attack on the city of Paris, planned for the night of the 14th to the 15th July 1789.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1789; French-language reproduction)
From Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
(1790; English transcription)
Diary of Louis Bonneville de Marsangy, a volunteer from 1791.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1791; French-language manuscript)
Address to the King, the Queen, and the Prince of Condé, by Olympe de Gouges.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1791; French-language reproduction)
"Greatly detailed account of the conspiracy between MM. Barnave and Louis XVI against the people, as told by a national guard of
Varennes, who accompanied the King and who heard everything."
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1791; French-language reproduction)
Arrest of the King and Royal family of France, and decree ordering the dispatch of ten thousand men from the National Guard to bring
Mr Bouillé, aid to the Royal family, back to the capital.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1791; French-language facsimile)
Details relating to the arrest of the King and of the Royal family, as reported by an eyewitness.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1791; French-language reproduction)
Response of the Parisians to M. de Bouillé, counter-revolutionary figure and aid to the Royal family who fled after their arrest.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1791; French-language reproduction)
Letter from the officers of M. Bouillé's army to their comrades in France, pleading for the liberation of the King.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1791; French-language reproduction)
Death warrant presented against King Louis XVI - known as Louis Capet in the last year of his life - by Olympe de Gouges.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1792; French-language facsimile)
The trial of Louis XVI and the revolution of May 31st, as reported in great detail by the correspondence between Blad (deputy at the National Convention) and the municipality of Brest.
Published between 1890-1900.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1792-1793; French-language facsimile)
"Formal declarations of the King and Queen, made before MM. Dandré, Duport and Tronchet, commissioners named to this effect by the National Assembly: with details of everything that happened at that ceremony"
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(June 28, 1791; French-language reproduction)
Secret letter from Marie Antoinette to the Marquis de Bouillé, a counter-revolutionary figure who tried to aid the escape of the Royal family.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(August 8 1792; French-language transcription)
The Confession of Louis XVI to the Reverend Chabot shortly before his execution.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1793; French-language reproduction)
(1793; Transcription)

(1789; transcription of French original)
(1789; English translation)

Documents from the Avalon Project
(1791-1800; transcriptions and translations).

(1799; facsimile book)

Funeral oration delivered at the expiatory service, celebrated in the Saint-Étienne Cathedral in Auxerre, for Louis XVI and the four other royal victims.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(July 21 1814; French-language facsimile)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(Late 18th & early 19th centuries; transcriptions and translations)

A masterful and growing collection of online documents with search engine from the Fondation Napoléon
(French language transcriptions)
An online exhibition of The European Library, with rare maps, documents, arts and writings from the British, French and Spanish national libraries.
(1799-1815; French, English and Spanish-language facsimiles & transcriptions, maps & images)
Well over 1,000 webpages of Napoleonic information with collections of digital maps as well as documents and commentaries.
(Facsimiles and transcriptions)

Selections from Napoleon's correspondence.
(1797-1815; French and English-language transcriptions)

Click on "Inventory" then on "Correspondence and Autographs" for large collection of letters of the Napoleonic era.
Digitization project still ongoing...
Part of the Brown Archival & Manuscript Collections Online and the Brown University Library's Center for Digital Initiatives.
(1651-1913, but most 1789-1821; facsimiles)
A growing digital collection of monographs, serials, maps, prints, and manuscripts on the Napoleonic era.
Browse or search modes are available.
(Facsimiles and transcriptions)

Satirical drawings, cartoons, caricatures of Napoleon and his era.
A part of the University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections.
(1793-1815; facsimiles)
A rich collection of satires and caricature images of Napoleon.
From the Center for Digitial Initiatives, Brown University.
(Facsimiles and English commentary)
Collection of 1400 prints from British and European publications from the period of the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.
Browse by title, subject, or name.
(1789-1815; facsimile images)

Treaties, speeches, diplomatic correspondence, etc.
(1796-1815; English translations)
(1798-1819; English translations)
The civil code that still affects present-day law.
(1804-1810; English translation)
A collection of Napoleonic documents from the website Histoire du Consulat et du Premier Empire
(1792 - 1815; facsimiles with French-language transcriptions)
French Treaties & Conventions of the Napoleonic era from the website Histoire du Consulat et du Premier Empire
(1799 - 1815; French-language transcriptions)
Browsable and searchable database of Napoleonic laws from the website Histoire du Consulat et du Premier Empire
(1798 - 1815; French-language transcriptions)
Collection of previously unpublished manuscripts on Napoleon, including contributions from members of Napoleon's family.
Published in 1907.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(1786-1791; French-language facsimile)
(20 April, 1814; English translation)
Regarding the death of Napoleon and the island of St. Helena
(July 30, 1821; English transcription)

The Congress of Vienna, an international assembly called in order to reorganize Europe after the Napoleonic Wars.
Published in 1816.
[1814-1815; French-language facsimile]

Digital library of Library of Congress in cooperation with the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
A bilingual site offering digitized books, prints, maps and manuscripts on the French presence in North America.
(16th - 19th centuries; facsimiles, transcriptions, and maps).

An exhibition celebrating the 250th birthday of the Marquis de LaFayette.
With primary documents, artifacts and commentary from Cornell University.
(1757-1834; facsimiles of documents and objects)

Searchable full-text database of the Masson Papers, digitised by McGill University.
(1790 - 1820; searchable facsimiles with added transcriptions).
Provincial historical documents regarding English and French interests.
Digitised by the National Library of Canada.
(19th and 20th centuries; transcriptions).
Constitutional documents, treaties, and other primary sources regarding English and French interests in Canada.
(1760 to the present; transcriptions).

This is the digital library of Criminocorpus - Le portail sur l'histoire de la justice, des crimes et des peines.
Criminocorpus focuses on the history of crime in France.
(18th - 20th centuries; manuscripts and transcriptions)

Documentary excerpts on the Restoration and the 1830 Revolution in France.
(1828-1830; French transcriptions)

Proclamation of King Charles X to the people of France.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(June 13, 1830; French-language facsimile)

Documentary excerpts on the abolition of slavery in France.
(1789-1848; French transcriptions)

A joint project of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), the University of Chicago Library, and the ARTFL Project.
(1848; photo facsimiles)
Documentary excerpts on the 1848 Revolution and the Second Republic.
(1848; French transcriptions)

The separation of Church and State: speech pronounced to the legislative body during the session of December 3rd 1867.
From the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(Dec 3 1867; French-language facsimile)

A searchable database from the Northwestern University Library.
(1870-1871; photo facsimiles of portraits, political caricatures and handwritten notes)

Documentary excerpts on the the beginnings of the Third Republic.
(1871-1880; French transcriptions)

Constitutional variants reproduced on the Ministry of Culture's Archim imagebank.
(1789 - present; photo facsimiles)
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containing names of Intendants and periods of incumbency in different intendances (French provinces).
From the University of Wisconsin.
(1661-1790; data files)

Royal monetary edicts and decrees from the mid ninth century until after the French Revolution.
Also a good source for information on the succession of French kings.
(843-1792; published transcriptions in pdf file).
Under construction in reverse chronological order: most recent years available first.

Archives of the National Assembly:
Legislative dossiers, historical accounts, lists of deputies, and much more.
(1789 - present; transcriptions, commentaries and facsimiles)

Documents from the Avalon Project
(1778-1843; transcriptions and translations).

Part of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.
Especially notable for images of the rebuilding of Paris under Emperor Napoleon III.
(ca. 1855-1870; dual stereoscopic facsimile images)

A Brown University Library Digital Collection.
Online access to pictorial works and texts that provide a window into the cultural, political and social context of 19th century Parisian culture.
(19th century; images and French language textual facsimiles)
Introduction and exploration of Paris during the life of Honoré de Balzac, as described through some of his works.
(19th century; facsimiles and maps)

Online access to around 5 million images, genealogical and iconographic documents, mostly from the 19th century.
Browse through two types of sources in the digital archives:
    Public records of the État civil de Paris
    Plans parcellaires (cadastral maps) of Paris.
(19th century; images & documents)

Scores of contemporary texts, browsable by author, by date or by topic
A digital archive of Stanford University Libraries
(1716-1897; scalable French-language facsimile texts)

Lafayette Collection
Click on digital facsimiles.
Plethora of facsimiles ranging from Lafayette's family and private life to French politics.
Images from the Maurepas Collection
Facsimiles from Maurepas collection

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(19th century; transcriptions and translations)

Database of prisoners in French colonial penal colonies.
Provided by Archives nationales d'outre-mer (ANOM).
(1852-1953; searchable database)

Documents and images from the French-speaking world in the 19th century
Searchable database of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.
(French facsimiles and transcriptions)

A growing collection of documented texts.
(From ancient times through 1914; Latin, Langue d'Oc, Langue d'Oil transcriptions and translations)

The Electronic Library of Lisieux
With source texts, some archived in zip-format.
(17th - 20th centuries; French transcriptions)

A collection of digitized French scientific books.
(Late 18th - early 20th century; book-length facsimiles)
Digital library on the history of science and technology.
(18th - 20th centuries; French-language facsimiles of old books and periodicals)
Electronic resources dealing with the history of medicine and dentistry.
Digitization project of the BIUM ("Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de médecine", Paris) Department for the History of Medicine.
(16th - 19th centuries; facsimiles)

Photographic reproductions of constitutions, edicts, treaties, letters, photos, atlases and official seals
of relevance to French national and regional history --
available either by search engine or by thematic "dossiers."
History presented through photographic and artistic images.
Database with thematic and chronological searches possible.
(1789-1939; facsimile images)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

100 historical maps of Paris.
(18th and 19th century; facsimiles -- GIF files)
18th century Atlas map of the city of Paris.
(1796; map facsimile)
A set of historical maps from Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities

Historical documents and commentary on the region -- former duchy -- of Savoy.
(1100 - present; French & Latin transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries)

The Roubaix Digital Library in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais aims to concentrate all the local primary sources for the history of the city in one digital library.
Browse by theme, collection or chronological era.
(15th - 20th centuries; Facsimiles, pictures and descriptions)


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