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Flag of France

French Constitution of 27 October 1946 - Fourth Republic
(French transcriptions)
With versions in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, and Russian.
Constitutional Law of 4 October 1958 - Fifth Republic.
(French transcriptions; 4 October 1958 with updates to 2003)

Archives of the National Assembly:
Legislative dossiers, historical accounts, lists of deputies, and much more.
(1789 - present; transcriptions, commentaries and facsimiles)

A database of unilateral and multilateral treaties of which France is a signatory.
With links to the full-text versions of each treaty and accord.
(French transcriptions)

Official agreement by the United States, France, Great Britain and the Soviet Union for the establishment of an International Military Tribunal
for the "punishment and prosecution of the major war criminals of the European axis".
(1946; transcription)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1945 to the present; transcriptions and translations)

Excerpt from the French foreign minister on the creation of a European economic union.
This coal and steel community marked the first steps toward a European Union.
(1950-1953; French transcription)

Documentary excerpts from Algeria's war of independence against France.
(1954-1962; chronology and French transcriptions)

Law stipulating the use of the French language to be obligatory in commerce.
(4 August 1994; French transcription)

Documenting the Algerian crisis and terrorism of the 1990s.
(1991-1998; French transcriptions)

A set of historical maps from Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities

The Electronic Library of Lisieux
With source texts, some archived in zip-format.
(17th - 20th centuries; French transcriptions)

Digital library on the history of science and technology.
(18th - 20th centuries; French-language facsimiles of old books and periodicals)

on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day
(June 6, 1984; English transcription).
The 40th anniversary of D-Day
(June 6, 1984; English transcription).

Press Releases of the French Senate
(1997 - present; French transcriptions)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

EuroDocs > History of France: Primary Documents > 1946 to the Present

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