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Flag of Italy

Prehistoric anthropomorphic traces in the Piedmont valleys of Italy.
(Illustrations and photo facsimiles)

A major collection through Fordham University.

A virtual and navigable reconstruction of Rome in the year 320 CE.
(320; Facsimile images)
Virtual, thematic, geographic and historical reconstructions of Rome and its various edifices.
A project of the University of Caen in France.
(4th century AD; facsimile images of a plaster model)
Geographic Information System (GIS) approach to spatial analysis of the Roman and medieval worlds.
(Interactive online maps)

Found on the The Perseus Digital Library
Including translated text, secondary sources and museum photography.
(Greek and Latin transcriptions and English translations)

Ancient, Greek and Roman history in translation.
(English-language transcriptions)

(transcriptions & translations)

(transcriptions & translations)

(Early Middle Ages; Latin transcriptions)

Pope Anacletus II concedes the reign of Sicily to Roger II
(27 September 1130; Latin transcription)

(1220; English translation)

4300 Citizens of Pisa Swear to Maintain the Alliance with Siena, Pistoia and Poggibonsi
(July-August 1228; Latin/Italian transcription with explanatory notes in Italian)

Diplomatic codices and narrative sources for Norman-Italian history
Provided by Angelo Gambella.
(11th - 12th centuries; transcriptions)

See also Horst Enzenberger's document site (with German-language interface) for the same time period.

a cura di Michele Lupo Gentile
"Atti della Società Ligure di Storia Patria" XLIV (1912)
A volume of medieval documents dealing with the north of Tuscany.
Note: large JPEG files may be slow to load
(900 - 1297; Latin and Italian transcriptions with Italian apparatus)

Includes an historical overview of the Florentine electoral system and related resources.
(1282-1532; searchable database at Brown University)

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(transcriptions & translations)

From Hanover College's Internet Archive.
(Facsimiles, transcriptions & translations)

Collection documenting Italian dance history from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.
(Renaissance - 20th century; facsimile images)

Medici Archives : Parts I & II

Digitalized early Medici archives of the Archivio di Stato di Firenze.
NOTE: requires gratis registration to enter website.
(14th century - 1537; facsimiles)
Digitization project of the Medici Granducal Archives.
Also strongly documents Tuscan Jewish history
and the history of textiles and clothing.
(1537-1743; transcriptions & translations)

Collection of books, incunabula, and manuscripts from the period of the Renaissance.
Includes letters written between members of the Medici family of Florence and others in their social and political circles.
Search collection by author, location, subject, or time period.
(14th - 16th centuries; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Digital catalogue of the Waller Collection of history of Science and Medicine kept at the Uppsala University Library. Contains books, manuscripts, and letters.
Joint project by the Institute and Museum of the History of Science in Florence, the Office for History of Science – Uppsala University and Uppsala University Library.
(15th century - present; facsimiles and transcriptions)

With separate links to Florence, Pistoia and Lucca
(1348-1530; translated narratives & government records)

Important historical parchments digitized by the Martynas Mazvydas Lithuanian National Library
(14th-18th centuries; Latin and Italian facsimiles)

(1427-1429; searchable datasets at Brown University)
(1427-1429, 1458, 1480 [Florence]; 1425 & 1502 [Verona]; searchable datasets at the University of Wisconsin)

Featuring synoptic texts and critical apparatus of the young polymath's work.
A joint project of Brown University and the University of Bologna.
(1486-1496; Latin-Italian and Latin-English transcriptions and apparatus, and facsimiles)

Digitized Renaissance diplomatic documents
(ca.1450-1500; photographic facsimiles).

Ongoing project at the University of Glasgow aiming to offer access to 16th-century emblem books composed by Italian authors.
Select a book to browse or search.
(16th century; facsimiles and transcriptions)

With digitized images of drawings from the Renaissance genius.
A project / exhibit of of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
(1452-1519; facsimiles, commentary essays and audio files).
A collection of loose papers from Leonardo da Vinci.
Digitised by the British Library in its series Turning the Pages;
This requires a recent version of (gratis) Shockwave software.
(late 15th - early 16th century; facsimiles and audio files)
In addition to hands-on interactive design experiments, the user can access primary documents.
A project of the Victoria & Albert Museum in cooperation with the University of the Arts London..
(1452-1519; facsimiles, commentary essays and interactive participation).

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(transcriptions & translations)


(1499; facsimile)
Quote from exhibit: "This early book of sailing directions served as a handy guide for the sailor and a storehouse of practical information for laymen. The use of the hand and zodiac for information was considered vital to the 15th century Mediterranean navigator."

from ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Online.
(late 16th century; Italian facsimiles and transcriptions)

during the Wars of the Austrian succession.
(1734-1747; Italian transcriptions)

Italian-language digital archive of the "Diario di Roma" (Journal of Rome) or "Diario d'Ungheria" (Journal of Hungary), commonly called Cracas.
The newspaper is a fundamental source for the history of Italy and foreign countries throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.
(1716-1836; TIFF and PDF format facsimiles)

Interactive map of Rome created by Giambattista Nolli in 1748.
(1748; facsimiles and descriptions)

French-language account of the ancient and modern history of the city of Paestum.
(1769; book facsimile)

18th-century French map of the Austrian Circle, which included parts of present-day Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Switzerland.
(1792; zoomable map)

(Facsimiles & transcriptions; 17th - 20th centuries with emphasis on 19th century).
In cooperation with Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerche sul Viaggio in Italia (CIRVI)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(19th century; transcriptions and translations)

Visual records of Garibaldi's part in the unification of Italy:
Grand panorama narratives, art prints, images in the 19th century illustrated press.
Digitized by the Brown University Library's Center for Digital Initiatives.
(1815-1871; facsimiles and commentary)
during the battles for unification and independence.
(1860; English translation)

Charles Yriarte's French-language account of the history of Venice in terms of its art, industry, city, and lifestyle.
(1878; book facsimile)

Documenting events from before Sarajevo until after Versailles.
(pre-1914 - post-1918; translations and transcriptions)
Major Resource

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1914-1918; transcriptions and translations)
Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1914-1919; translations)

Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1918-1941; translations)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and translations)
from Leon Trotsky's 1930-32 pamphlet
(English transcription).

between Italy, Greece and Turkey
(1932 - present; translations and transcriptions)

Agreement concluded at Munich between Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy
(29 September 1938; English translation)

As announced in the Völkischer Beobachter.
(23 May 1939; English translation)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and translations)
A collection of documents related to WWII.
From the Avalon Project.
Official (mainly U.S.) government histories, source documents, and other primary references.
(1939-1945; English transcriptions and translations)
Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1938-1945; translations)

By Franklin D. Roosevelt, on the day following the attack on Pearl Harbor.
(8 December 1941; English transcription).

Giovanni Notte's diary written in a German prisoner of war camp.
(September 1943 - January 1944; Italian transcription and English translation)

Official instrument of armistice and surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan in World War II.
(October 4, 1945; transcription)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1945 to the present; transcriptions and translations)

including essays of important economic thinkers from Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, and other countries.
(English transcriptions and translations)

The Italian constitution -- as a PDF file.
(Italian language transcription with amendments through 2003)
(22 Dec. 1947 with amendments through 2003; English translation)

Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal and government documents.

Italian parliamentary papers, laws, decrees of commissions, etc.
For the Chamber of Deputies, for the Senate, and for bicameral committees.
(1996 to present; Italian transcriptions)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

Texts & documents selected to illuminate the character of Italian "statism."
Nota bene: Included for their potential scholarly value, these texts should be viewed with some caution,
    given the tendentious and selective nature of their compilation.
(1860 - present; Italian-language transcriptions)

A set of historical maps from Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities

Digital archive of the Historical Archive of the City of Rome.
Provides access to digital resources for the history of Rome and the Lazio region from the 11th century onwards.
(11th - 20th centuries; facsimiles & descriptions, images and maps)

from Evidence! Europe Reflected in Archives
(Facsimiles and English summaries)

A burgeoning online document collection including sources of national and local history
(Facsimiles and transcriptions)

Hundreds of Italian journals, periodicals and regional newspapers.
Digitized by Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense.
(19th-20th centuries; facsimiles - DjVu browser plug-in required)

Digital libraries in Italy, a list compiled by Klauf Graf.
(All ages; facsimiles and transcriptions)


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