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Flag of the Netherlands
Portal to a database with uniform descriptions and photographs of medieval manuscripts in the Netherlands.

The Frisian book of law, written at the time of Charlemagne
(Ninth century; Latin transcriptions and Dutch translations).
Medieval and early modern Frisian agrarian law
(1275-1550; Latin and Frisian-language facsimiles of 17 manuscripts)
A manuscript discovered (copied?, manufactured?) in the 19th century, purporting to relate early history of the Frisians.
(Beware: questionable provenance; Frisian rune facsimiles)

Called the greatest Dutch illuminated manuscript in the world, it was commissioned for the marriage of Catherine of Cleves.
Held in the Morgan Library & Museum.
(1430-1440; facsimiles, Latin transcription and English translation)

Accessible by browsing or by advanced search protocols
Over 12,000 letters digitized by the Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis
(1551-1584, facsimiles of letters in various languages, mostly Dutch and French).

The so-called "Dutch Declaration of Independence" in the original Dutch and in synoptic English translation
Another English translation is available through the Modern History Sourcebook.
Warning: both English translations above are incomplete; certain sections have not been included.)
(26 July 1581; Dutch transcriptions and English translations).

Including encounters with "los rebeldes de las islas de Holanda y Zelanda"
(1592-1597, facsimiles of originals in BYU Special Collections).

Digital library of Library of Congress in cooperation with the National Library of the Netherlands.
A bilingual site offering digitized books, prints, maps and manuscripts on the Dutch presence in America and the interactions between the United States and the Netherlands, from Henry Hudson's 1609 voyage to the post-World-War-II period.
(16th - 20th centuries).

(1621; English translation)
Virtually complete survey of the direct shipping between the Netherlands and Asia between 1595-1795.
Search for a voyage or browse the overview of voyages.

The Tulip Book of P. Cos, including weights and prices from the years of speculative tulip mania.
(1637; photo facsimiles in GIF or JPEG format)

Historical Legal Sources from the Low Countries
(1292 to the present; Flemish/Dutch transcriptions, facsimiles and maps)
Significant Resource!

A set of historical maps from Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities

Database containing data of around 50.000 records of ship voyages passing the Sont in the 18th century.
(18th century; digitized lists)

(1781; Dutch transcription).
Selected excerpts are also available in English translation:To the People of the Netherlands!

Including constitutional origins, treaties, maps and other documents.
(1795-1806; Dutch transcriptions and facsimiles under "Documents").

An excerpt from the writings of William Temple, British ambassador to the Netherlands
(1814; English translation).

Including the correspondence of J. R. Thorbecke and of Groen van Prinsterer.
(1848-1870; Dutch transcriptions under "Documents").

(pre-1914 - post-1918; translations and transcriptions)
Major Resource

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1914-1918; transcriptions and translations)
Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1914-1919; translations)

Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1918-1941; translations)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and translations)
A collection of documents related to WWII.
From the Avalon Project.
Official (mainly U.S.) government histories, source documents, and other primary references.
(1939-1945; English transcriptions and translations)
Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1938-1945; translations)

Newspapers digitized by the Royal Library.
(1618 - 1995; facsimiles)
A collection of links to historic Dutch (and other) newspapers.
(17th to 20th centuries; facsimiles)
click on opened newspaper pages for enlargement icons.

Various publications.
(1940-1945; photo facsimiles)

(1) Dutch Constitution.
(2) Statute of relationship between the Netherlands, the Dutch Antilles, and Aruba.
(With updates through 2006; transcriptions in PDF file)
(English translations and excerpts)

Digitised minutes of the meetings of both chambers of the Dutch parliament (Staten-Generaal) for the period 1814-1995.

Searchable online database of Dutch legislation, consisting of over 28,000 document versions of all Dutch national regulations.
Dutch-language interface.
(Transcriptions and downloadable facsimiles)

Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal and government documents.

Websites from a consortium of Dutch dataset providers (Click "History" under "Humanities" category)
With access to census lists and other vital data - some access requires free login.
(Facsimiles and transcriptions in searchable databases)

Digital History Library for Friesland, containing scores of printed sources for Frisian history.
Including the Netherlands' earliest newspaper, De Vrije Fries (1839 - 1929)
(18th century to present; Frisian and Dutch facsimiles)
Another digital collection of Frisian historical materials, ranging from atlas and photos to manuscripts and letters.
(Medieval to present; Frisian and Dutch facsimiles)

Historical images from the Regional History Century at Tilburg.

Collection of 4000 photos relating to the history of migrants in the Netherlands.
Search the database, search by collection, or search by topic.
Project by the International Institute of Social History.
(20th century; images)

Exhibition showcasing the development of courtly fashion as depicted in the art of Medieval France and the Netherlands. Timeline spanning from the "Fashion Revolution" (c. 1330) to the beginning of the Renaissance in France.
(1325-1515; manuscripts and descriptions)

Digitization projects in the Netherlands, a list compiled by Klaus Graf.
Scroll down to "Niederlande."

A set of historical maps from Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities
18th-century map of the Netherlands coast.
(1791; zoomable map)
17th-century map of the Low Countries drawn in the form of a lion.
(1611; zoomable map)

Highlights from the University of Utrecht's collection of maps and atlases in digital format.
Search digitized maps or browse by title, atlas/map series, geographical area, or collection.
(16th - 19th centuries; facsimile maps with annotations, from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom)


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