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Flag of Italy

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(transcriptions & translations)

From Hanover College's Internet Archive.
(Facsimiles, transcriptions & translations)

Collection documenting Italian dance history from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.
(Renaissance - 20th century; facsimile images)

Medici Archives : Parts I & II

Digitalized early Medici archives of the Archivio di Stato di Firenze.
NOTE: requires gratis registration to enter website.
(14th century - 1537; facsimiles)
Digitization project of the Medici Granducal Archives.
Also strongly documents Tuscan Jewish history
and the history of textiles and clothing.
(1537-1743; transcriptions & translations)

Collection of books, incunabula, and manuscripts from the period of the Renaissance.
Includes letters written between members of the Medici family of Florence and others in their social and political circles.
Search collection by author, location, subject, or time period.
(14th - 16th centuries; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Digital catalogue of the Waller Collection of history of Science and Medicine kept at the Uppsala University Library. Contains books, manuscripts, and letters.
Joint project by the Museo Galileo in Florence, the Office for History of Science – Uppsala University and Uppsala University Library.
(15th century - present; facsimiles and transcriptions)

With separate links to Florence, Pistoia and Lucca
(1348-1530; translated narratives & government records)
Account of the plague of Milan between 1576 and 1577.
(1576-1577; Italian-language facsimile)

Important historical parchments digitized by the Martynas Mazvydas Lithuanian National Library
(14th-18th centuries; Latin and Italian facsimiles)

(1427-1429; searchable datasets at Brown University)
(1427-1429, 1458, 1480 [Florence]; 1425 & 1502 [Verona]; searchable datasets at the University of Wisconsin)

Featuring synoptic texts and critical apparatus of the young polymath's work.
A joint project of Brown University and the University of Bologna.
(1486-1496; Latin-Italian and Latin-English transcriptions and apparatus, and facsimiles)

Digitized Renaissance diplomatic documents
(ca.1450-1500; photographic facsimiles).

Ongoing project at the University of Glasgow aiming to offer access to 16th-century emblem books composed by Italian authors.
Select a book to browse or search.
(16th century; facsimiles and transcriptions)

With digitized images of drawings from the Renaissance genius.
A project / exhibit of of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
(1452-1519; facsimiles, commentary essays and audio files).
A collection of loose papers from Leonardo da Vinci.
Digitised by the British Library in its series Turning the Pages;
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Otherwise, view the alternative version. (No plugins necessary)
(late 15th - early 16th century; facsimiles and audio files)
In addition to hands-on interactive design experiments, the user can access primary documents.
A project of the Victoria & Albert Museum in cooperation with the University of the Arts London..
(1452-1519; facsimiles, commentary essays and interactive participation).

Account detailing events that took place in Italy in the year 1630 between the armies of France, of the Emperor of Spain, and of the Duke of Savoye.
(1631; French-language facsimile)

From the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.
(transcriptions & translations)


(1499; facsimile)
Quote from exhibit: "This early book of sailing directions served as a handy guide for the sailor and a storehouse of practical information for laymen. The use of the hand and zodiac for information was considered vital to the 15th century Mediterranean navigator."

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