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Flag of Portugal

Documents of the twentieth century.
(1900-1999; images, newspaper articles, facsimiles)

Book written about the celebration of the visit of the King of Portugal to Brazil.
(1908; transcription)

Political Documents from Portuguese History.
(18th - 20th centuries; Portuguese-language transcriptions)
Digital copy of the exhibition in UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library.
Click on "Keyword Cloud" to be guided to various events in the history of the Portuguese Republic.
(1910-present; digital images and commentary)

A collection of digital copies of the Lisbon Diary newspaper.
(1921-1990; facsimiles)

List of Portuguese Historical Works digitized by the National Library.
(Facsimiles and transcriptions in Portuguese)

A collection of primary documents from the Internet Modern History Sourcebook.
(1939-1945; transcriptions and translations)
A collection of documents related to WWII.
From the Avalon Project.
Digital primary documents assembled at Mount Holyoke College.
(1938-1945; translations)

Forward and Executive Summary to the Preliminary Study from the U.S. State Department.
(1939-present; transcriptions)
From the U.S. State Department: Supplement to Preliminary Study on U.S. and Allied Efforts yo Recover and Restore Gold and other Assets Stolen or Hidden by Germany During World War II.
(1939-present; transcriptions)

A collection of primary documents from the Universidade de Coimbra website. It contains documents about the Portuguese Revolution of 1974.
(1958-1976; pictures, newspapers, fliers)

Constitution of the Republic of Portugal with amendments from 1976 onward.
(Portuguese transcriptions)
Database of fundamental documents relating to Portuguese Legal History.
Browse or search the database.
(16th - 20th centuries; facsimiles)

A digital collection of historic Portuguese newspapers and journals.
(19th & 20th centuries; facsimiles and transcriptions)

Portuguese National Digital Library with many books, maps and documents.
Digitized chronicles and related source documents in Portuguese history.
A product of the Biblioteca Nacional Digital.
(16th-20th centuries; facsimiles)
Includes maps and other geographic data on demography and political history in Portugal
Spearheaded by Prof. Luís Nuno Espinha da Silveira.
A project of the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative (ECAI).
(Facsimiles and textual commentaries)
A set of historical maps from Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum's Historic Cities

(6 September 1951; English transcription)

Mário Soares, Prime Minister of Portugal, formally submits his country's application for accession to the European Communities to David Owen, currently President-in-Office of the Council.
(28 March 1977; English transcription)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

EuroDocs > History of Portugal: Primary Documents > 1910 to the Present

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