Sweden until the Kalmar Union, 1397

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Flag of Sweden
From inside the Swedish Historical Museum.
Reproductions of objects testifying to early life in Sweden.
(10,000 BCE - 1500; photo facsimiles)

Sponsored by the Stockholm Regional Museum.
Clickable map of prehistoric sites in the Stockholm region.
(Stone Age through Iron Age; Maps, photographic facsimiles, commentary)

Over 500 photographs of bronze-age carvings with a Swedish-language search interface.
(Bronze age; searchable database of photographs)

Images, inscriptions and translations in modern Swedish and English
  Of runestones mainly in western Sweden.
Digitized by Henrik Karlsson.
(Images, transcriptions, and modern Swedish and English translations)
Inscriptions and maps of rune inscriptions in Upplalnd.
(Transcriptions, maps and indexes)
Images and transcriptions of inscriptions;
Limited to the area of Mälaröarna - cluster of islands near Stockholm.
(Images and transcriptions)

A growing source for photos of historical sites in Sweden, searchable by area, type of site, and age of site.
(Prehistoric to present; photos)

Reputed to be the biggest surviving European manuscript, also known as the Devil's Bible.
Contains versions of the Old and New Testaments, Latin translations of Josephus’ (Josephus Flavius) two works on the history of the Jews (Antiquitates Iudaicae and De bello Iudaico, Isidore of Sevilla’s encyclopaedic Etymologiae, in twenty books, and eight medical writings.
Also available in English or Czech.

This mourning poem is for the son of the Viking, Rollo.
It serves as "an excellent laboratory in medieval philology."
(943; Latin facsimiles and variant text transcriptions with English and German translations)

A medieval chronicle of Gotland.
(Medieval Gotlandic/Swedish transcription)

Ranging from Runes and the Poetic Edda
to the Christmas messages of King Carl Gustaf XVI.
Also available by thematic search.
(Mainly Swedish texts; transcriptions)

A medieval Swedish chronicle.
(Medieval Swedish transcription)

Digitized by the National Archives.
{Click on lower right corner for enlargement icon.}
(July 1252; facsimile)

(1200-1809; Finnish & Swedish transcriptions and English translations)

Swedish royal and regents, plus other historical persons:
Biographical and genealogical data in Swedish only.
Alphabetically or geographically searchable. 35 generations, approx. 1700 persons
(Tenth to twentieth centuries; Swedish-language transcriptions and images)

Includes primary and secondary documents, provided by Don Mabry.
(Transcriptions, facsimiles and commentaries, mostly in English)

Digital full-text searchable edition of Sweden's foremost archaeological journal.
Includes photo images and drawings of antiquities.
(Ancient to medieval; facsimiles and commentary in Swedish and other languages)

Seals with images important for establishing official portraits and for verifying legitimacy and provenance of accompanying documents.
A collection of facsimiles at Notre Dame's Medieval Institute Library.
(Facsimiles and commentary)


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